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How Can I Lighten Dark Circles Around Eyes from Using Lumigan Drops?

The whole way around my eyes is dark brown. i llook like a racoon from using glaucoma drops. help !! READ MORE

I'm Asian in my mid 20s and I have medium skin tone. I have severe dark eye circles. What treatment can I get? (photo)

Can any chemical peels or laser lighten the area ? I dont think that the dark circles are heredity as i am the only one in my family who has them. i... READ MORE

29 year old man complaining of dark circles. I've tried fillers. What else can I do to lighten the skin?

The doctors advised me to do fillers(perlane and restylane) to get rid of the dark circles, after spending more than a thousand dollars i got nothing... READ MORE

Would a skin lightening cream like Piona strong, help in lightening the dark under circles?

Or is it too dangerous to try this due to the sensitive nature of the skin under the eyes ? READ MORE

Do you know a significant cream which lighten dark circles? (photos)

I have got hereditary black circles .I am originally from India I don't want to have any injections or chirurgical intervention. It destroy my life..... READ MORE

What treatments can I get for lightening or removing dark circles? (photo)

Due to using a 1% retinol on my under eye area my dark circles seem now bruised and much darker than before and this has been the case for over a year... READ MORE

Upper eyelid dark and thin skin, treatment to fix this?

I have read many questions and answers about this condition but I didn't find a specific treatment, most of doctors comment about the lower dark... READ MORE

What can I possibly do to lighten them up to at least look normal so I'm not so self conscience? (Photo)

Ive always kind of had bad skin complexion, so ive always worn make up to cover up but im at an age where I dont always want to wear so much make up... READ MORE

I have hereditary dark circles under my eyes. Is there anything I can do to remove or possibly lighten the skin? (photos)

I have light colored skin. There are small wrinkles right below my eye and the color looks like a bruise. READ MORE

I have severe dark circles all around my eyes which are caused by pigment deposits.

It is very very black and I have a skin care regimen which includes a skin whitening cream that has made them a bit lighter, I will continue using it... READ MORE

Dark eyes, what do I do? (Photos)

I'm 27 years old and im struggling with Dark eyes or raccoon eyes. I don't smoke and i don't drink so that shouldn't be the cause of it. Ive tried... READ MORE

I have very dark under eye circles and bags. I really want to know how to lighten and get rid of them. What are my options?

I have sufficient vitamins and iron and have done a lot of blood tests to see these levels either increase/decrease. Lately, they have increased. I... READ MORE

I'm wondering if there is anything that can be done to lighten these dark circles? Recommendations? (photo)

Since I was a child I have always had dark circles and they gotten worse as I got older. As you can see in my photo, the inner corner of my eye is... READ MORE

What can I do to help lighten my severe hereditary dark circled? (photos)

I've had my dark circles since I was little.I always look tired.I can't find anything that covers them.Anytime I ask for help or info on how to... READ MORE

I have had really bad dark eye circles for a very long time now (over 5 years) what I can do? (Photos)

Please can you just give me advise on what i can do i just need them to go, my dark circles do not even lighten up, instead get darker day by... READ MORE

Dark areas around the eyes. Is it possible to lighten or remove them? (Photo)

I have these dark areas around the eyes which makes my eyes look droopy and tired. Is it possible to lighten or remove them? If yes are there any... READ MORE

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