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How to Reverse Hollow Indentations, Dark Circles, and Under Eye Bags?

I've just discovered that a product (Garnier Fructis) for dark circles and eye puffiness not only made my eye bags worse, the result seems to be... READ MORE

Best Treatments for Double Undereye Circles?

I am a 45-year-old woman. The dark circles have almost become two circles under each eye, which really makes me look double tired. People often ask me... READ MORE

What's the Best Procedure to Get Rid of Bags and Dark Circles Beneath the Eyes?

I am in my early 30s and have hereditary dark circles and some puffiness beneath my eyes. It's been noticeable since 7th grade or so. I would like to... READ MORE

Same Dark Circles and Eye Bags Treatment in the US?

I am 26 years old and my dark circles are more prominent than ever. It started when I was 18 and is now progressing to eye bags undereyes. Make-up... READ MORE

The Never Ending Quest. All About the Eyes? (photo)

Hey docs, im 28 y.o asian, struggling with the dark circles + bags for as long as i can remember. 1 of my priority resolution b4 i move into the... READ MORE

Is there really a cure for dark circles? (photos)

I am 22 years old and have had dark circles since the age of 11 they have gotten lighter over the years but are still very dark. I have very fair skin... READ MORE

Under Eye Bags and Puffiness? (photo)

I was wondering how to treat this condition? I'm 27 and have horrible discolored bags under my eyes, combined with under eye puffiness. It looks like... READ MORE

Dark circles and bags around eyes, acne, uneven skin tone and minor acne scars. All at the same time. Help? (Photo)

I'm 22. Attached is a before and ideal after I made. I've had uneven skin tone and periodic minor breakouts for years now. I've tried Retin A and many... READ MORE

What can I do to remove darkness and bags under my eyes for not sleeping good? (Phtoo)

Hello i am a 14 year old that wants to know how to remove Bags Under my eyes and the. Dark spot and wrinkles READ MORE

What to Do About 16 Year Old with Dark Under-eye Circles?

I have bags under my eyes because it is in my genetics. Would it be wrong for me to get restylane or juvederm injections at my age? I am 16 and have... READ MORE

What can I do to fix my dark circles/bags under my EYES, as well as my SMILE. Multiple lines form fat cheeks and little mouth?

I am age 25 and I have a horrible case of tired eyes, dark bags under eyes that will not go away. My mom has them, so Im sure my eyes are genetic.... READ MORE

Dark under eye circles and bags. How do I get rid of these? (photo)

I am 25 years old and i have had dark circles and under eye bags for a few years now. My nose has also been broken in the past so i have a feeling... READ MORE

Best option for dark circles and eyebags? (photos)

I am 29 years old and my eyes have become more hollow. I noticed my skin under my eye seems thin and I can see a vein and it makes my under eyes... READ MORE

Are my dark circles treatable? (Photo)

These dark circles/bags are genetic and are very embarrassing. They honestly look better in the photos. They are translucent and very veins especially... READ MORE

What can be done about my dark circles and eyebags? (Photo)

I have always had them and I always look tired. Do you I need a surgery for this or do eye fillers work for me? Or fat transfer? I would also like to... READ MORE

I use drugs: Blue bags and eyelids around your eyes.

I use drugs and blue bags and eyelids around your eyes from no sleep are bad how can I use home remidies to get rid of it in minutes and ones that... READ MORE

My eyebags and dark circles gave me eye wrinkles, what should I do?

I have about 9 hours of sleep everyday, but i've also had dark circles,eye bags all my life but recently i got wrinkles/fine lines without makeup... READ MORE

Are the dark circles and eye bags persistent ? (photos)

Hi! Ive been involved in a fight , i got two black eyes , after 10 days the blacks ayes were gone but the puffiness under my eyes and dark circles are... READ MORE

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