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Would Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Help a 25 Year Old with Dark Eye Circles?

Noticed from the picture attached, the area underneath my eyes is hollow, and dark, it's a shade or two darker than the picture - mind you the picture... READ MORE

Dark Circles Under Eyes. Am I a Candidate For Fat Transfer? (photo)

I'm 18-year old female and I've recently heard about fat transfer but I'm afraid of "puffy eyes" after surgery. Is it really a proper solution for me?... READ MORE

How to effectively get rid of dark circles? (photo)

I've had dark circles under my eyes all my life but recently they've become really bad. I've also had issues with bad sinuses so wondering if this... READ MORE

What is the most effective treatment to improve the appearance of dark circles? (Photo)

I always had terrible dark circles under my eyes no matter how much rest I get. Perhaps because the skin under my eyes is very thin and kinda empty... READ MORE

Dark Circles Inside My Orbital Bones, and Was Wondering if Dermal Filler Can Be Injected There?

I have dark circles inside my orbital bones and was wondering if a dermal filler can be injected there. If not what are my other options? I'm only 22... READ MORE

Best approach to under eye area? (Photos)

I'm 39 and have bags and hollowness under my eyes, when I smile my cheek lifts and bunches the under eye area. I hate it. What are my best options?... READ MORE

Kindly suggest an effective treatment. Darkness around my mouth and neck, dark circles around my eyes.

Hello doctor, I have darkness around my mouth and neck. I also have dark circles around my eyes. I have tried so many creams nothing worked kindly... READ MORE

What are the most effective treatment options for severe vascular dark under-eye circles? (photos)

I am a 27 year old female who has had prominent vascular dark under-eye circles quite literally since birth. I have a very pale complexion combined... READ MORE

Milia and dark circles - effective treatment?

I have milia and dark circles under Eye..Can you tell me the effective treatment so that it can be cured..Either home remedy or any treatment.. READ MORE

Are dark circles around eyes due mainly to pigment, vascularity or both, and what is the optimal treatment? (Photo)

I have undergone 4 Excel V treatments (532 nm KTP) and I now believe that the darkness is mainly pigmentation in the dermis. My research leads me to... READ MORE

Is this an effective treatment for dark circles? (Photo)

Q. I'm trying from couple of days and using milk cream to reduce the huge dark circles. Is it feasible to use it? READ MORE

New treatment for genetic dark under eye circles. Injections of vitamin C and amino acid for 7 weeks. Does it work?

I've tried getting juvederm fillers and several creams but nothing improved them drastically. My sister had a fat transplant but she still has dark... READ MORE

Is there an effect cream to get rid of severe dark circles?

I am having dark circles for years sometimes they are less and sometimes more prominent. Can afford expensive cosmetic treatments available in India.... READ MORE

Best options to treat severe dark circles? (Photo)

What are my best options for treating these unsightly dark circles? Is filler the only effective way or is there a topical or laser treatment I can... READ MORE

Dark bruise like pigmentation around eyes, what some effective treatment options? (Photo)

For a number of years I have had dark pigmentation around both eyes that look like bruises. Although painless, I find the appearance very... READ MORE

Is there an effective natural method to get rid of dark circles?

I'd like to know an effective natural way to get rid of dark circles around eyes as I really don't want to have any surgery done. READ MORE

How to get rid of under eye circles?

How do I get rid of under eye circles, Ive tried everything from potato to sudocrem, makeup isn't very effective either, what do I do? READ MORE

What kinds of treatments or surgery is available for dark undereye circles? If so, how effective are they?

My earliest memory of having dark undereye circles is the 6th grade, so I assume they are hereditary. Last week, someone came up to me concerned about... READ MORE

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