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How to Remove Very Dark Circles and Thin Skin Under Eyes?

Under my eyes is very dark and the skin is very thin. I am looking for a perminate solution to this. I am very beautiful but because of my dark... READ MORE

What Can Remove These Dark Circles?

I am 20 years old and have suffered from dark circles since i was about 12 That is when i first got prescripted glasses that i had to wear daily. Now... READ MORE

Puffy, Tired Eyes; What Are My Options? (photo)

I have recently noticed my eyes look tired all the time, I use creams and even preparation H to see If it helps ;( what can I do to resolve my... READ MORE

Black Circles Under the Eyes and Have Unhappy Eyes. What Are My Options?

Hi! im a 24 year male. I have really notorious black circles under the eyes for my age. can they be surgically removed? also, my eyes are kind of... READ MORE

I've tried every single cream with no luck. How can I get rid of my dark circles permanently? (photo)

Hello everyone Im 23 years and since I can remember I've had really dark circles around my eyes.  I would like to know what is the best option... READ MORE

19, deep smile lines, forehead lines, and dark circles under my eyes. Is there something I can ask my doctor for? (Photo)

Ive had my forhead wrinkles and smile lines since I was 12 and had the dark circles since I was 16. Is there something specific I can ask my doctor... READ MORE

Dark circles. Are there any procedures to help? (Photo)

I have really bad under eye dark circles I've had them since I can remember. It's genetics but it brings my self-esteem really low. Is there any... READ MORE

Complaining of dark circles for 29 yr old male from the middle east and am in the medical field. Any suggestions? (photo)

What is the solution for my dark circles? is it a surgery or a product? what is the name and how much is gonna cost?, i've used different products and... READ MORE

I have puffy dark circles under my eyes. I am a 44 year old male. What treatment would you recommend?

What is the treatment involved for fixing dark circles with puffy eyes. I have had this for about 12 years now What is the cost? Also, will the... READ MORE

What is the best treatment option for me, that won't break the bank? (Photo)

Dark circles under the eyes are hereditary for me and no amount of concealer used can adequately camouflage them. I battled with cystic acne for... READ MORE

How do I get rid of my dark circles round my eyes?

Have used nurous amour of skin treatments i have a skin peel professionaly after a few days my skin going thru peeling process its got back to normal... READ MORE

I need to get rid of my dark circles (Photo)

Hey It been 5 years since I had them, And I really hate it. I wanna get ride of those dark circles, I don't know the reason of their appearance . I... READ MORE

29 year old man complaining of dark circles. I've tried fillers. What else can I do to lighten the skin?

The doctors advised me to do fillers(perlane and restylane) to get rid of the dark circles, after spending more than a thousand dollars i got nothing... READ MORE

What is an appropriate procedure to remove my under eye dark circles and laugh lines around my mouth? (Photo)

I am in my twenties and have had dark circles under my eyes for quite a number of years which has caused me stress and low confidence. This along with... READ MORE

Genetic dark circles, age in 20's , no puffiness , and sunken looks. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

I have dark circles since birth. My mother has them too and we both have slightly deep set eyes. They cast shadow under my eyes & all 1 sees is dark... READ MORE

Is there a laser treatment to remove hereditary dark circles and uneven skin tone? How much would it cost in India?

We consult local dermatologist but no benefit from creams and there any laser technology to remove the dark much it costs in india READ MORE

Circles Under Eyes. Cost Effective Treatments?

I am 45 yrs old and i have circles under my eyes.. a tad baggie, i just hate looking in a mirror and seeing the circles under my eyes they make me... READ MORE

My brother & I have had severe under eye dark circles since grade school. Is there any procedure that can help me? (photo)

They do not go away when I press on them so I assume they are not caused by blood, but the color is mostly purple/reddish so I'm not sure its... READ MORE

I have very bad dark circles under the eyes. How to reduce them? (Photo)

The veins are very visible ranging from purple,blue, and green in color. I want to know what options I have also the cost and healing time. READ MORE

What is the best filler for under eye circles?

What you think about this brand called skin fill from company promo italia the only brand i can afford right now ... is it ok for dark circles what... READ MORE

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