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My Damon Clear Braces Journey

I am a 26 year old female that will begin my (second) braces journey on August 10. I have an anterior crossbite involving teeth #'s 5,6,7,8. Lower front teeth are right of center of the facial midline. My orthodontist will begin my treatment using IPR, but as a last resort, will extract my... READ MORE

Trying Again with Damon Braces - Germantown, MD

Having just failed at Invisalign twice (my aligners wouldn't stay in my mouth at night due to grinding, so my teeth shifted and the aligners no longer fit), I opted to try again with fixed braces. Being a 34 year old professional, I wanted the most discreet option available while still being a... READ MORE

Adult Braces

Still in the process with my braces. Always felt embarrassed by my smile and finally saved up enough to get the damons. Best decision I've ever made. I had a high canine pushed up due to crowding and I had a bad midline. They removed a tooth from the right side. They did this so they could... READ MORE

27 Y/o Second Time with Braces - Clarkston, MI

I had braces (traditional) for 3 years back in middle school, I didn't wear my retainer & I didn't wear my rubber bands as much as I should have. I have a deep overbite/over jet, and some crowding on my bottom row of teeth. It's amazing how fast I saw results, only within the first 3 days!... READ MORE

51 Years Old, Open Bite, Overjet: Damon Braces

I really have enjoyed reading about others' experiences with braces here, so I thought I would share my experiences as I go along, in case it's useful to someone else. Though I am looking forward to straight teeth, my main reason for getting braces is to correct my bite. My teeth only come... READ MORE

31 Braces for Overcrowding and Extreme Overbite - Caldwell, ID

I have always been self conscious about my smile. At 31 and a mother of two I figured it was time to get it corrected. I was originally interested in Invisalign however after two consultations it became clear that I was not a good candidate. So I'm going with the Damon system braces. I will also... READ MORE

37, First Time in Braces, Damon Clear - Surbiton, GB

After years of moaning about & hating my teeth I've finally taken the plunge! I feel a bit too old to be going through this & really regret not doing it as a teenager, or at least when I was in my 20s. I had my impressions taken on Saturday & will get them fitted on 17 March. 18... READ MORE

My Dentist F*cked Up my Teeth

I got two crowns from my dentist and I'm not happy with the result. Instead of giving me a beautiful smile, he turned me into a human rabbit. My two front teeth crown is big, it's also difficult to clean it and it caused my gum to turn red. My dentist wont even fix it because he said he already... READ MORE

34-yr Old, Finally Decided to Get Braces. Kansas City, MO

I have had a gap between my front two teeth my entire life, as well as a significant overbite. I didn't have braces as a kid, and I've always been self conscious about my teeth. I take really fantastic care of them, so they're very white and clean, but no one ever sees them because I hide them... READ MORE

33 Years Old and Finally Decided to Fix my Teeth! - Brooklyn, NY

To be honest, I never really cared much about my teeth appearance. I knew I had overbite but it didn’t bother me. The only thing that concerned me was color of my teeth, always wished for them to be whiter. Once someone told me: “you would be so pretty if only you fixed your teeth!” I was s... READ MORE

Finally Got Damon System Braces - Frederick, MD

So I have this popping clicking noise from my jaw and I have been told by a couple of dentists and oral surgeons that I would need braces to help correct. Well the last oral surgeon explained that I have to have all of my teeth aligned because in order to correct my jaw I will have to have... READ MORE

28 Year Old Professional Who Finally Got Damon Clear! - West Hills, CA

I am a 28 year old professional who finally got Damon Clear on! My teeth started getting very crooked since high school and it caused me not to smiling as much or showing my teeth lacking the self confidence to do so due to the self esteem issues crooked teeth cause especially with my fronts... READ MORE

33 Yrs Old with Braces for First Time - Richmond, VA

Hello. I started my journey with Damon braces on 11/27/2016. I always wanted braces growing up but my mother couldn't afford them. I initially didn't want traditional braces and wanted to go the Invisilign route but found out I wouldn't get the results I wanted to achieve. I stumbled upon Damon... READ MORE

Damon Braces at 47 - Fulshear, TX

Just wanted to share my first week thoughts of these Damon Braces. At 47 I finally decided on Braces. I have clear both top and bottom. It took me a while to find the kind of braces that I wanted. Once I learned about the Damon braces I just narrowed it down to doctors. It's important to... READ MORE

23 Y.o. Damon Braces - Brownsburg, IN

Despite every dentist visit since childhood ending in a referral to an orthodontist I was not able to get braces as a kid/teenager and was destined to live my life unhappy with my crowded teeth. Since the age of 18 I have found freelance work as a model but felt I could always improve my... READ MORE

Damon Metal Braces - Philadelphia, PA

It seemed as though two months covered my satisfaction. that month's appointment, i told Dr. Farrow that i am satisfied at this point and want them removed. lol but i'm not the doctor. it was really fun and amazing to watch my teeth over 2 years transform it's way to perfection! i really forgot... READ MORE

Almost 40 and Wearing Braces - Shreveport, LA

I had my braces on August 25th. From everything I read and was told by friends that have had braces, I was anticipating a lot of pain. Fortunately, my pain has been minimal. My teeth haven't really hurt at all, the pain I've has been the inside of my lips and cheeks where the braces have rubbed... READ MORE

27 Year Old from UK, Damon Braces Review...my Journey! - Burnley, GB

Hello, I am a 27 year old female from the UK, and have hated my teeth my whole life. I refused braces at 13 years old (stupidly) and its been my biggest regret. I never smile with my teeth as I am really self conscious. I have been with my fiance for 8 years and we want to plan our wedding,... READ MORE

32 Years Old, Finally Fixing my Teeth with Damon Braces and Acceledent - Lakewood, CO

I decided to finally get braces at 32 because quite frankly I couldn't take it anymore. I've hated my teeth since I was 10. Every time I smiled I felt like everyone was looking at my teeth. I tried whitening the hell out of them to help but I couldn't get past how bad they looked. I had a... READ MORE

Clear Damon Braces to Fix Overbite - Harrisburg, NC

Decided to correct an overbite to avoid further damage with molars. So far so good, one of the draw back it's the pain after wires changes. The other not so good is having to wear the rubber bands. I've seen consistent progress and minimal pain. I go every 6 to 8 weeks to change the wires... READ MORE

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