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Candidate For Damon Braces Used to Widen a Narrow Smile? (photo)

I am considering braces to correct an overbite (told it was 80%)and am in my late 50's. I have tension in my jaw, signs of TMJ and my bottom teeth... READ MORE

Can Damon braces widen my smile? (Photo)

I am newly engaged and while my teeth are basically straight I would love to widen my smile as I do have dark spaces in my smile! Are Damon braces... READ MORE

Can damon system alone do the job in my situation ?

I'm a 25 year old male with a narrow upper palate and crowded teeth, I wonder if It's possible to have a satisfying wide smile without using any... READ MORE

What dental methods can be employed to reduce the appearance of large front teeth and a narrow smile? (Photo)

Greetings! I'm a 33 year old mother of two and I've been displeased with my smile for a few years and am looking to make improvements particularly to... READ MORE

Can I make it in time to get my teeth fixed for my wedding ? (photos)

Dear doctors, I've been always having gaps in front of my teeth, both upper and bottom jaws like forever. I never smiled with my mouth open in the... READ MORE

Will widening my arch with damon braces widen my jawline/face too?

I have quite a strong/long jaw that i'm not really a big fan of, however, my smile and dental arch is very small. To balance it out, I am looking into... READ MORE

How Can I Fix my Asymmetrical Smile? (photo)

I am not sure if the problem is with my teeth or with the asymmetry in the area around my mouth. My smile is more prominent on one side than on the... READ MORE

Will Damon braces lift my cheeks and enhance my facial structure as well as widen my smile? How long how much? Age 29. (photos)

Do I need an expander palate? How long should I need them on? I was denied braces as a kid because my teeth were straight. Im self convoys about my... READ MORE

4 months into damon Braces, one bicuspid removed. Can I still widen my jaw to obtain a wide smile? (Photo)

Got metal damon braces 4 months ago, my doctor convinced me to get 1 single premolars taken out I am now worried if not being able to widen my smile... READ MORE

How to make this smile better? Damon smile system candidate? (photos)

Had braces at 10-12 yrs old. No teeth pulled.Arch was widened. in 30s now and I really don't like my smile. space on each side, teeth touch crooked,... READ MORE

What kind of treatment would you recommend in my case? (Recessed Mandible, retroclined and proclined incisors). (photos)

I'd like to know whether or not a combination of Damon braces and surgery could help fix my recessed mandible, lips that don't meet up, retroclined... READ MORE

Protruding teeth, narrow smile, low upper lip support, uneven gingival margins - damon braces/arch expansion? (Photos)

At age 11-14 I had an underbite + crowded teeth Had 2 upper + 2 lower teeth removed then "traditional" braces Teeth relapsed - I'm 24 now Happy to... READ MORE

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