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Do Damon Metal Braces Work Better Than Damon Clear Braces? (photo)

I have a narrow V shaped upper arch, will Damon clear braces be sufficient to widen the arch? Or would Damon metal braces be more effective as they... READ MORE

Damon Braces System Made My Face Longer. Any Alternative Ways To Straighten Teeth Without Face Lengthening?

I have been wearing damon system for 7 months. w/o extraction. I have a 4 mm overbite problem and my bottom front teeth are a little crowded (but not... READ MORE

My bite turbos fell off. Would it affect my treatment?

I recently got my Damon braces two weeks ago and my orthodontist put two bite turbos on my back teeth and one of them fell off. My appointment is... READ MORE

What dental methods can be employed to reduce the appearance of large front teeth and a narrow smile? (Photo)

Greetings! I'm a 33 year old mother of two and I've been displeased with my smile for a few years and am looking to make improvements particularly to... READ MORE

Can Damon clear braces be used in conjunction with orthognathic surgery?

I was wondering if the Damon system CLEAR braces could be used in conjunction with orthognathic surgery. It is my understanding that I will need... READ MORE

How can I make this smile fuller/more complete looking? I want a more 'Hollywood' looking smile (Photo)

When I was around 12 I had braces. I remember they had to stretch my arch as i have a small mouth. My smile though even now still looks incomplete. My... READ MORE

Can braces fix asymmetric face? And do I have a choice to choose between traditional and damon braces?if so, which is better?

The case of my teeth is underbite. I dont know if I could trust my dentist. Sure, she is in Dental Association but sometimes she disses me b/c of my... READ MORE

How do I get one tooth corrected without braces after I'm unhappy with the results the braces provided? (Photo)

Hi. So I just got off my braces in August. I got Damon braces as my dentist recommended it would speed up the process and it did. I'm happy with my... READ MORE

Is it necessary to extract the premolars? (Photo)

Hi , My orthodontist suggested I take out 4 of the teeth behind my canines to make room so my teeth can have more space to be straight. I did research... READ MORE

What would be the best possible procedure after having braces in order to bring teeth or possibly jaw down? (Photo)

This January, I had damon braces put on to bring my top teeth down, because I explained that you can't see my top teeth when I talk and my smile is... READ MORE

Tooth pulled down after demon braces? (Photos)

It has been three weeks since I got demon braces for medium crowding and a little protruding. Now the first change I see is my upper front tooth have... READ MORE

Can my narrow arch forms be corrected with Damon braces? As well as overbite, overjet and centre line discrepancy? (Photo)

I've had traditional braces in the past which I had taken of in 2014, I haven't since worn my plastic retainer. My fault, I know. Which is why I'm... READ MORE

My face has become disfigured/very uneven after Damon braces & developed TMJ. Need to know what to do (Photo)

Damon braces put on 13m ago (8/28/14) for a crowding & was unhappy with my teeth. I had a beautiful shape to my face and my ortho assured me that my... READ MORE

Damon Braces with Turbo bites extreme case. I have extreme Brodie bite on the right side. What should I do? (Photo)

I recently had the Damon braces put on two weeks ago and I feel a little mislead by my orthodontist. I have extreme Brodie bite on the right side... READ MORE

Will My Off-Centered Teeth Be Fixed? (Photo)

Hello, I recently got damon braces, and my two front teeth aren't centered with my lips or nose. My question is will they get fixed after my treatment... READ MORE

Damon Braces for 5 months. Suddenly in the end of the 3rd month, I'm losing lip dimension and my lips look less fuller (Photo)

I caracterize for having big mouth full full lips, if i took them off this could be fix? i really dont like the outcome of small lips please help me! READ MORE

Pulling wisdom teeth for Damon Braces - should I do it?

A doctor recomended to pull my wisdom teeth out so that i can wear the Damon braces, i told him that i dont want to pull my premolars but he says i... READ MORE

Which is better: Damon Clear braces or Radiance braces?

Which is better Damon Clear or Radiance braces? I'm not sure if the Radiance braces is hard to remove and will it crack my teeth? READ MORE

Do I need to remove 4 teeth or can I just remove 1 tooth? What is my best option? (Photo)

I am on damon braces, in the beginning there is no need for extraction. But after almost all teeth are straight (only one molar on right side is not... READ MORE

Which type of Damon braces should i choose?

Damon braces - metal, clear and damon quantum. Would like to know the pros and cons. I'm 32 yrs have had4 first premolar extractions. Would be... READ MORE

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