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Trade-off Between Dental Implant and Braces for Extracted Tooth?

I recently consulted an orthondist who advised me that instead of a dental implant, she can actually use braces to pull my two back teeth forward,... READ MORE

Shifted Midline, Gaps Between Teeth? (photo)

Hello, I got damon braces 13 months ago. I've pulled out one tooth on my left side (nr 5) and we started the treatment with closing the gap. My doctor... READ MORE

Does pulling out teeth for Braces change your overall jaw/face shape?

I have Damon braces and I currently have two chains on both sides (same place, lower molars) that will eventually close a gap--due to teeth extraction... READ MORE

Should I Get Damon Braces?

Well I know this isn't what you want to see considering this is a website you review the braces on but I don't know if i should get them or not. I am... READ MORE

Is my midline off-centered? (photos)

I'm wearing damon braces for almost 5 months now. I have an overbite problem and gaps in between my lower teeth. Months passed by and I have already... READ MORE

Do you recommend implants rather then closing the gap with braces? (photos)

Hi my canine teeth never came in and my baby teeth were pulled and now the braces are trying to close the gap. But do you recommend implants rather... READ MORE

I recently got braces yesterday, and my bottom Damon braces feel tighter and more sensitive than my top ceramic, is that normal?

I have a gap between my two front teeth on my top where I have the ceramic braces with a metal arch wire. I barely feel any tightness. READ MORE

Can I make it in time to get my teeth fixed for my wedding ? (photos)

Dear doctors, I've been always having gaps in front of my teeth, both upper and bottom jaws like forever. I never smiled with my mouth open in the... READ MORE

Damon system and extracting teeth? (Photo)

Im 26.. im using damon system braces, its been 5 months. and my dentist extract 4 teeth of mine. i feel the braces doesnt really work on me, i dont... READ MORE

Can the Damon Q System fix my overbite and gap with bicuspid removal? (photo)

I'm 27 yrs old and I'm looking to get braces once again. I had them taken off when I was 18, my overbite and gap have reappeared. The only thing... READ MORE

Can braces cause gaps in my teeth?

I've had damon braces for approx. 3/4 months now and the progress I've seen so far is phenomenal. I had my first tightening/wire change 2 days ago and... READ MORE

Damon Braces coil springs - it is creating a gap. (photo)

Hi, I got my damon braces on yesterday, seeking correction for protrusion, crowding, and center line. My orthodontist put one open-coil and... READ MORE

Can my gaps be closed? (photo)

Hi, I will like to find out if braces can close up the large gap between my teeth, I have visited a couple of orthodontist. With half of them saying... READ MORE

Ipr gone wrong. Is it possible to reopen gaps with damon braces and put bonding to make them look better or like before?

My orthodontist did IPR on my teeth. My teeth didn't look straight so I asked him to do ipr which I so regret now. I'm still in damon braces and was... READ MORE

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