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Can Damon Braces Fix Flaring Teeth and Overbite Without Extractions? (photo)

I had six month smiles done, and after they were taken off I realized my teeth flare forward. I can just barely close my lips now, I'm so unhappy... READ MORE

Candidate For Damon Braces Used to Widen a Narrow Smile? (photo)

I am considering braces to correct an overbite (told it was 80%)and am in my late 50's. I have tension in my jaw, signs of TMJ and my bottom teeth... READ MORE

Can Damon Widen Lower Arch and Pull Teeth Back Effectively?

My teeth are too front forward and crowded due my lower arch being kind of narrow. Could the Damon system address this? READ MORE

Missing First Molar, Can the Space be Closed with Damon Braces?

I have missing both down first molars from 10 years, last year after dental work on 5 teeth on the right side i my teeth start to move and my bite was... READ MORE

Is it necessary to extract four teeth to straighten my teeth? (photo)

I have a really small mouth and as a result severe overcrowding. My orthodontist has told me we need to extract four teeth for Damon braces, it's the... READ MORE

Can Damon braces widen my smile? (Photo)

I am newly engaged and while my teeth are basically straight I would love to widen my smile as I do have dark spaces in my smile! Are Damon braces... READ MORE

Can my narrow arch forms be corrected with Damon braces? As well as overbite, overjet and centre line discrepancy? (Photo)

I've had traditional braces in the past which I had taken of in 2014, I haven't since worn my plastic retainer. My fault, I know. Which is why I'm... READ MORE

I have a malocclusion class II with overbite, over jet and crowded teeth. Are Damon System Braces suitable for me? (Photo)

I had 2 premolars removed from the left side. My doctors told me that I have to wear braces, after removing the premolars from the right side and then... READ MORE

Which braces am I the best candidate for and how long will it be necessary to wear them? (Damon clear preferred) (Photo)

26 yoa. Have a off center midline due to an impacted canine. Overbite. 3 partially erupted wisdom teeth and one impacted. Overcrowding of the lower... READ MORE

Are damon clear braces really better than traditional clear braces?

I was told that while I am a candidate for invisaline, braces would do a better job. I want clear ones for sure but after doing some research I... READ MORE

Damon or Incognito or Invisalign? (Photo)

Hello, I am 31 years old, I have overbite and narrow arches of teeth.Not sure which braces would be the most effective in my case. I think because of... READ MORE

How to make this smile better? Damon smile system candidate? (photos)

Had braces at 10-12 yrs old. No teeth pulled.Arch was widened. in 30s now and I really don't like my smile. space on each side, teeth touch crooked,... READ MORE

Which type of Damon braces should i choose?

Damon braces - metal, clear and damon quantum. Would like to know the pros and cons. I'm 32 yrs have had4 first premolar extractions. Would be... READ MORE

I was told during a consultation that I have root reabsorption. Would Damon braces be suitable?

He said I had some root resorption from past orthodontics (as a teen) and stated he would be reluctant to put me back into regular braces even though... READ MORE

Will Damon braces give me the results I'm looking for or do I need a palate expander? (Photo)

I had braces when I was in high school. Looking back on the photos when they were removed, they didn't turn out how I wanted. Not sure if this is... READ MORE

Can Damon braces fix class II malocclusion? (Photo)

I am suffering from class II malocclusion with serious overjet and small mandible. The orthodontist recommended me to undergo a mandibular surgery.... READ MORE

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