Cosmetic Dentistry Videos

After Living With Tetracycline Stained Teeth Since Childhood, Katrina Shares How Porcelain Veneers Changed Her Life

Katrina shares her experience after Dr. Sarah Thompson placed over twenty porcelain veneers in a single appointment with one required follow up appointment. VIEW NOW

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How Teeth Position Affects Your Speech — The Doctor Explains

Dr. Zev Kaufman discusses the position of front teeth and how your front teeth can affect your speech if not properly positioned. VIEW NOW

Should I Rinse With Mouthwash?

Dr. Kaufman discusses the effectiveness of mouthwash and explains how it shouldn't be used as a substitute for brushing and flossing your teeth. VIEW NOW

How to Clean Your Dentures - The Doctor Explains

Dr. Zev Kaufman discus's proper denture care; why it is important to clean your denture and how to properly care for and clean your denture. VIEW NOW

The Benefits of Drinking Water — For Your Teeth

Dr. Zev Kaufman explains why drinking water is critical in helping your dental health. Water not only helps your overall health but your dental health as well. VIEW NOW

This Man Had a Smile Makeover — Does He Like His Results?

Dr. Esteban Urzola performed this man and his wife's smile makeover. VIEW NOW

This Woman Shares Her Dental Implant Experience

Dr. Esteban Urzola pulled this woman's teeth in preparation for dental implants. VIEW NOW

Clenching and Grinding Your Teeth — Learn the Symptoms and Remedy

Dr. Kourosh Maddahi explains what to look for to see if you might be clenching or grinding your teeth. He also explains how to remedy this often painful occurrence. VIEW NOW

Do All My Wisdom Teeth Have to Be Removed?

Dr. Lance Timmerman answers this common dental question. VIEW NOW

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The Advantages of Digital Impressions for Invisalign and Dental Restorations

Nobody likes the gag effect of a tray full of goop to take impressions. Dr. Lance Timmerman explains the advantages of using digital impressions. VIEW NOW

Are 6 Month Smiles Different From Braces?

Straight teeth have many benefits beyond simply looking good. But most adults don't want treatment that takes two years. Dr. Lance Timmerman explains what you can expect from treatment. VIEW NOW

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3 Factors to Know About Teeth Whitening

Teeth bleaching or teeth whitening is common, but results will vary. The reason is that not all methods work the same. Dr. Lance Timmerman explains three main factors to bleaching teeth. VIEW NOW


What Is the Deutsch Removable Bridge?

Dr. Lance Timmerman explains this dental care option. VIEW NOW

Learn About the G4 Implant Solution and See This Woman's New Smile

Dr. Mike Golpa explains how the G4 Implant Solution provides a permanent bridge for the entire upper and/or lower set of teeth (arch), in just 1 visit. The procedure is best for patients in dentures, or with significant tooth loss or decay. VIEW NOW


Am I a Candidate for a Smile Makeover?

Learn more about getting a smile makeover. VIEW NOW