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Tooth extraction w/ dry socket. Dry socket was treated with packing x2. I have hole and yellow tissue w/pain. Infection? (photo)

Tooth extraction w/ dry socket. Dry socket treated with packing x2. We are post 14 days. Hole and yellow tissue w/pain. infection? still has pain,... READ MORE

I have yellow teeth. how to gain confidence in my life?

Hello Dentists, I have Yellow teeth since i born. In childhood Doctor said i have yellow born of teeth so i will never have white teeth. I can gain... READ MORE

I had 4 caps put on my front teeth. I hate them. They are yellow. What are my rights? Can I say I want them replaced? (photos)

I have had white teeth for 15 years and when the Dentist was trying to figure out the color for the caps I was not consulted. When I saw them I got... READ MORE

I have 1 overlapped tooth. What will my dentist do? (Photo)

It isnt overlapped fully yet but it hurts like hell My teeth are yellowish/crookedish. Sorry my camera is not that good READ MORE

How do dentists determine enamel thickness? (photo)

20 years ago, when removing my braces, a small rotary tool was used to polish my teeth. Before the procedure, my teeth were white. After, they were... READ MORE

Fillings turning yellow & one root canal in between all my front. The dentist filed my teeth down was that the right move?

Im still regreting this I think the 5 grand could of dispersed restoring my mouth wisely n honestly.I hate myself so much for allowing myself to get... READ MORE

can I have white resin put on a tooth that is yellow? Will it look right? Can it be done? (Photo)

I have decalcification spots on most of teeth caused from braces. I have had composite resin put on 3 of my teeth and matched with the color of my... READ MORE

5 weeks after wisdom teeth extraction, hole hasn't healed and there is pain with yellow in the hole. Is it infected? (Photo)

My right side is completely healed and fine. But on my left side, I've been having pain for the past few days. The hole is still open and there is... READ MORE

My front tooth is dotted with yellow. How can I get rid of it? (Photo)

I've had this yellow spot for as long as I can remember and I just want it gone. READ MORE

I have cross bite and every time I open my mouth wide there is a click felt at my right TMJ. What to do? (photo)

My dentist said I had cross bite with a click on right TMJ on opening mouth wide. Also my upper jaw is little protruded. My left upper canine is my... READ MORE

What do I do with this extra tooth behind my front teeth which pushed my right tooth forward? (Photo)

I have this extra tooth behind my front teeth (right) & it has pushed it forward & no matter what I do & how I clean my teeth, my right front tooth is... READ MORE

What could be the cause of the spots on my teeth? (Photo)

What can be the reason for such spots and yellowing etc on my front teeths. Please help READ MORE

How can I treat my overcrowded fang teeth and how to whiten them? (photo)

Hello my upper two fang teeths are overcrowded so i want to ask how many ways are their to treat/straighten them and my teeth color is light yellow... READ MORE

What is wrong with my teeth? (Photos)

My teeth are not very yellow, but the other problem that makes me less confident when I laugh or smile is that my teeth are not straight. I don't know... READ MORE

Can I get my dental bridge redone? (Photo)

So I had my dental bridge put on today and it looked a lot more yellow than what I expected, I did a custom shade and I remember that he gave me a... READ MORE

How to go about the big gap in my teeth? (photos)

More pictures of my gap teeth, also my teeth look yellow, any good natural remedies? READ MORE

I have thin (for lack of a better term) and yellowed teeth. What are my repairm options?

As mentioned in my question, I have thin (for lack of a better term) and yellowed teeth. I'll admit, that for a large part of my childhood, I rarely... READ MORE

What is the treatment for someone who lost 7 mandibular teeth? (Photo)

Lost 7 lower teeth What is her treatment without implants? Her remaining tooth is yellowish, have fillings that are now in bad shape and have caries.... READ MORE

My front teeth are big, what are my options? (Photo)

I don't know anything about dental treatments. how to overcome this. please suggest on this I have yellow marks on my front lower jaw teeth, what to... READ MORE

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