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How Long After Wisdom Tooth Extraction Can You Start Eating Solid Foods (Pizza, Sandwhiches Etc)?

I had my lower left and upper right wisdom teeth pulled 5 days ago . I am such a worrier that I don't want to eat anything that could dislodge the... READ MORE

1 Week After Wisdom Teeth Removal, Pain in Cheekbone and Jaw? (photo)

Hello I have my all 4 wisdom teeth removed a week ago and I am still in pain. From last 2 days i.e. On day 6 after wisdom teeth removal, I am having... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for the Holes to Cover and to Eat Normal Food? (photo)

I just had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed on 6/17/13 and had a few questions. When can I have normal food like pizza? When can I drink out of a... READ MORE

Numbness After 3 Weeks After Wisdom Teeth Extraction, What Should I do?

I had 2 wisdom teeth extracted (a tooth on each side of my lower jaw) 3weeks ago. On left side of my face, I feel numb on by lower lip and chin but... READ MORE

Still Some Pain 6 Days After Wisdom Teeth Removal? (photo)

I got 4 wisdom teeth out 6 days ago and I'm still experiencing some pain. The rest of my family took about 3 days to recover so I'm a bit paranoid.... READ MORE

When is Dry Socket No Longer a Risk After Having Teeth Pulled?

I had my two top wisdom teeth and one bottom wisdom tooth pulled 5 days ago. I haven't had any discomfort or pain but I am still paranoid. READ MORE

How long do I have to wait before I can have a cigarette after wisdom teeth removal?

I got my wisdom teeth taken out today 8/28/14 I had them surgically removed but did not receive stiches so basically I have three holes in my mouth.... READ MORE

Is It Dangerous to Leave the Root of a Tooth After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

I had my two bottom wisdom teeth removed about a month ago as they were impacted and for some reason I decided to get an X-ray done yesterday and to... READ MORE

Should I Still Be in This Much Pain After a Week?

I had 11 teeth extracted one wisdom tooth. after a week I still have pretty moderate pain. The dentist said a couple were difficult extractions. But I... READ MORE

Oral Paresthesia After Wisdom Teeth Removal? How Can I Get Sensation Back?

I had my 2 wisdom teeth on my right side removed about a week ago. I noticed right away that the numbness in my lower lip and teeth wasn't going away.... READ MORE

Need Help Figure Why in Excrutiating Pain a Week After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

I had 3 wisdom teeth removed on 7/20 2 lowers & upper right. The upper right was the only impacted tooth. We are going on a few days after a week... READ MORE

How Long Must I Wait After Removing my Wisdom Teeth to Start my Impressions?

In my consultation I didn't get to ask directly how long it would take after getting my wisdom teeth pulled before I could get my impressions... READ MORE

I have some yellowish things in my wisdom tooth surgery site. Do I have dry socket? (photo)

I just removed my wisdom tooth 8 days ago through surgery. Today i notice a deep hole and some yellowish stuff inside. There is no pain unless i bite... READ MORE

All four wisdom teeth extracted Tuesday and in two of the holes there is white stuff forming. Is it infection or new tissue?

I have been following all of the instructions very carefully. There is not a weird smell or taste and there is not a severe amount of pain. What does... READ MORE

Still in Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

I had my lower left wisdom tooth removed in February and have been back almost weekly to see the dentist, initially as the molar was sensitive and... READ MORE

What Needs to Be Done First, Removing the Wisdom Teeth or Repair of Dental Fillings?

Required repair of dental filling on molares teeth (the upper part). Next teeth is wisdom also in (the upper part) witch needs to be removed. READ MORE

42 yr old female. Two weeks after the extraction of four wisdom teeth, still experiencing numbness on my chin and bottom lip?

12/02/13, four wisdom teeth were extracted.Upper teeth were fully erupted, on bottom, one tooth was erupted, but below the gum tissue, the last was... READ MORE

How can I fix this mess without braces? (photos)

I don't care if they have to be cut out, fake stuff glued on, or what, but I don't want my mouth to be full of metal or "invisible" braces. With a gap... READ MORE

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