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Whitening, Polishing and Scaling?

I'm going to a dentist the day after tomorrow to have my teeth whitened with lasers and peroxide, polished and cleaned. My teeth look ok as it is, but... READ MORE

Can You Use Gum Countouring (With Laser) While on Accutane?

I am a 26 yrs old female on my 4th month of accutane 40mg, I have braces which will come off in 2 months and would like to have laser countouring of... READ MORE

$17k for 1 extraction w/ bone graft, stay plate, 1 implant, fmd, zoom, 5 resin fillings, 3d xray, and 5 veneers? Why so high?

My dentist won't book my appointments until I pay in full for the service. When I compare all the costs individually, I'm finding that he is at the... READ MORE

Can Zoom! lighten naturally darker (yellowish) teeth? (Photo)

My daughter is a redhead and has always had yellow teeth. Now 19 and starting a modelling career she wonders if Zoom! would be helpful. Much thanks. READ MORE

How can I fix my smile to be more perfect? (Photo)

Do I start with braces or teeth whitening or bonding or laser gum contouring or crowns? I don't have any clue where to start!!! The least expensive... READ MORE

I don't want veneers but want white teeth. Is it possible?

Im on my last stage of teeth are not that yellow....probably 3rd or 4th shade in the shade guide that i saw in my dentist clinic......i... READ MORE

What is the best teeth whitening option for teeth with a lot of fillings? (Photo)

My teeth are stained from smoking for 7 years and drinking coffee. I am in the process of quitting smoking, and am looking for ways to whiten my teeth... READ MORE

I'd like to fix front teeth and straighten out the entire grill. What are my options? (Photo)

Im seeing a general dentist so far she filed filed down darker tooth because it was chipped .. Also she mentioned for the darker tooth I might need a... READ MORE

What do I need to have a nice smile? (Photos)

My teeth are horrid. I didnt take care of them properly growing up & I have poor genes. I'd like to have a nice smile. I know my teeth need... READ MORE

What can I do if my dentist can't match my teeth color?

My teeth are whiter then A1 which is the a shade darker then my tooth color READ MORE

I'm an actor/comedian, and I need straight white teeth. How much would these procedures cost me? I need an approximation (Photo)

I feel like the fact that I need a cleaning and/or whitening goes without saying. I do know that I was supposed to get braces early in high school,... READ MORE

How can I treat my overcrowded fang teeth and how to whiten them? (photo)

Hello my upper two fang teeths are overcrowded so i want to ask how many ways are their to treat/straighten them and my teeth color is light yellow... READ MORE

is it a good idea to put a tooth in the front of my mouth where one never was to close spaces. It wasn't much to begin with.

What is now available for replacing teeth in the back and closing spaces but being able to whiten teeth when you get implants with crowns.'ve done one... READ MORE

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