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How to Fix Missing Upper Teeth when Smiling?

When I smile, my upper teeth don't show anymore, and I have developed a deep horizontal crease under my nose. I have a long nose and an overbite,... READ MORE

My front upper teeth fall on top of my lower ones. Could this have caused my facial asymmetry ?

When i close my mouth shut, my upper teeth don't go in front of my lower ones like it's supposed to be. Instead they sit exactly ON top of my lower... READ MORE

How to Fix Upper Lip Pulling to One Side and Appearance of Bunny Teeth? (photo)

I am 22 and had braces when I was 14 for 1.5 yr.after i got them off i still crooked lateral incisors I hate my smile shape and position of front... READ MORE

Best options to correct exposed dental implant bridges receding gum lines when implant can't be removed?

I have a implant that is located upper front of my mouth. The gum has receded exposing the bridge and you can see the root screw through the gum... READ MORE

When I smile, all that is visible are my upper teeth. What can I do to fix this problem? (photos)

In terms of tooth shape, I prefer rectangles vs squares. What I dislike most of all is the square/boxy shape of my teeth. READ MORE

When i talk my upper teeth aren't noticable why is that?

When i talk my upper teeth aren't visible at all could braces fix this? also my left part of my upper teeth is slightly higher than the right side. i... READ MORE

I'm 14 and have a gap between my two front teeth. What can I do about it?

Im 14 years old and I have a gap in between my two front teeth I have a dentist appointment on the 20th August and I don't want a gap as I feel as... READ MORE

Can I get a smile back?

I had full top dentures about 8 yrs ago and to afraid to go back as I have a phobia of dentist but when I smile it looks like I have no upper teeth I... READ MORE

Can I have my teeth moved forward for cosmetic reasons? (photos)

At the moment my teeth are just normal and pretty straight. Though I do have an overbite, it's not prominent. I've attached a picture of what I would... READ MORE

What can I do about my front teeth? (Photo)

Basically i was born with these upper teeth. I wanted to know what dental operations i can have to get the perfect smile. READ MORE

Problem of diastema between my upper two teeth. (Photo)

I am 18yrs old and have a wide gap of 5mm between my front two teeth.Is it necessary to correct this gap and if there is any possibility that this gap... READ MORE

My upper teeth don't show when I talk or smile. How can I fix it? (Photo)

Hello, I'm an 18 years old girl, and for as long as I can remember my upper teeth didn't show when I talked or smiled -unless I smile progressively... READ MORE

How do I fix my slanted teeth? (photos)

My whole upper teeth I don't know the term)is slanted to the right and it is really visible when I smile. It definitely affects my confidence. Even... READ MORE

How can I fix my off centered smile due to extra tooth? (Photo)

I have an extra lateral incisor that has caused my entire upper row of teeth to shift over. My front teeth do not line up with my lip or nose properly... READ MORE

I want to expand my upper jaws. What's the difference between DNA, Homeoblock, Schwarz and ALF appliances?

I had 2 upper premolars extracted at 13 and then had braces for 2 years. Now I'm 21 and my upper jaws are narrow. In addition this also caused my... READ MORE

My all upper tooth are bigger than the lower one. What treatment would you recommend?

Could you please tell me how to reduce them ? And also tell me the actual cost involved in it . Thanks READ MORE

How long will it take for my adult canine to come fully down after it has been overlapping my baby canine? (Photo)

I'm 14 and recently my upper left canine has fallen out but my adult canine had already came down over lapping my baby canine.But as my tooth has... READ MORE

I want my upper teeth move back to their original position so that I get back my original facial profile. Is it possible?

Had front 2 upper teeth touching the gums of lower teeth and crooked lower teeth. After the treatment my upper lip moved outward.And my nose is... READ MORE

I have palate expanders under my upper teeth to widen my bite. Can I turn the key 2-3 times a week to hasten the process?

I'm 21 years old. I only turn the key once a week, and I was wondering if I could turn it 2-3 times a week to fasten the process? READ MORE

How can my front teeth become even? (Photo)

My two front top teeth are uneven & my two front bottom are uneven, and one is slanted. READ MORE

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