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Do You Lose Your Upper Lip After Having an Upper Bridge on Four Front Teeth?

Do You Lose Your Upper Lip After Having an Upper Bridge on Four Front Teeth I am devastated because i had four upper bridge done 6 days ago. I... READ MORE

What can be done to prevent my upper lip from being pushed forward as seen in the following photos? (Photo)

I use to have severe overbite until I had braces.My braces have been removed since November of 2011.I continue to wear my retainer; however, in the... READ MORE

In Search for Craniofacial & Dental Team to Repair Facial Disfigurement ..help Please

In search for craniofacial&dental team to repair facial disfigurement due to a past surgery that went wrong. im a 47yr single mom of 3 beautiful... READ MORE

Can Upper Lip and Eyes Have Tingling Sensation After Extraction of Lower 2nd Molar of Same Side?

Can upper lip n eyes have tingling sensation after extraction of lower 2nd molar of same side. associated symptoms pain in back of neck. if it is not... READ MORE

Upper lip frenulum deformed after accident 2 years ago. Will incision by laser prevent the frenulum from growing back? (Photo)

I had an accident 2 years ago. I got stitches in my upper lip. I also lost a couple of upper front teeth. As a result my upper lip frenulum got... READ MORE

Orthodontics, Position of the Upper Lip? (photo)

I ´m going to have orthodontics to correct the position of my lips, my upper lip is advanced with respect to the lower lip, In my childhood I sucked ... READ MORE

How can I improve my smile? (Photo)

I used to have a great smile, but now I won't smile in photos. The change to my upper lip bothers me. It used to be straight across, but now resembles... READ MORE

What combination of treatments will get me the perfect smile? (Photo)

My lips are actually not thin, I can fake a nice smile. But I want to have the freedom to smile big without thinking about it. As you can see from the... READ MORE

Wearing Dentures and My Upper Lip Has Slowly Turned Inward. Can It Be Fixed?

I started wearing dentures the same day of my surgery. After healing I was fitted with my final pair of dentures. My upper lip is almost turned into... READ MORE

Best solution for gummy smile / hyperactive top lip? (Photo)

Hi everyone, I wanted to understand what the best solution is to reduce the gums from showing when I freely smile. From research, it looks like I have... READ MORE

Upper lip doesnt cover teeth. (photo)

Hi doctors, I have had this problem since elementary school: My upper lip never covers my teeth unless I force it. It looks very funny. And I sleep... READ MORE

My teeth do not show when I smile. What is the recommended step to rectify this? (Photo)

I am 23 years old and I've always been insecure about my smile. I usually have to force my upper lip up when I smile just to show my teeth a little,... READ MORE

Can the eye tooth crown? it's a 3point bridge, be less abrasive on my upper lip so won't have to remove it and try over?

My dentist has tried contouring and polishing with some success, however still is irritating to my upper lip. He wants to try to remove it whole, send... READ MORE

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