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Procedure to Correct Longer Tooth?

What is the best procedure when one of your top front tooth is longer than the other? My two top front teeth are in pretty good shape but my left one... READ MORE

What Procedure Will Even Out the Size of my Teeth?

I hate that some of my teeth are shorter than others how do I get that fixed? READ MORE

My front teeth are uneven. Can they be fixed? (Photo)

My two front teeth are at uneven lengths, it's very embarrassing and obvious. When I was getting the mold for my braces my right front tooth chipped... READ MORE

Hi, Can the two front teeth be filed down to the same length? (photo)

I wore invisalign for approximately 15 months to fix overcrowding. I'm happy with the result but my front two teeth appear uneven in length. Can the... READ MORE

Why Are my Two Front Teeth Still Different Sizes After Filing to Correct This Issue? (photo)

I had my 2 front teeth filed down. The first dentist didn't file them to my satisfaction. The tooth on the right seemed longer. I went to a... READ MORE

Front Tooth is Uneven? (photo)

When I was about 10 I fell and chipped a tiny piece of my front tooth. The dentist shaved it a little bit and told me that he would shave the other... READ MORE

How to correct uneven gum line, off center teeth, and one uneven tooth? (photos)

I stumbled across this site and saw some great advice, so I thought I'd get some opinions from professionals! First of all, my gumline is uneven above... READ MORE

Off center teeth, what can I do? (Photo)

My top row of teeth are off center and I seem to have a tooth missing next to my middle two? They look un even and one is further back due to me... READ MORE

Cosmetic Dentistry for Improving Sagging and Hollow Cheeks from Braces?

Can cosmetic dentistry helps to improve sagging and hollow cheeks caused by braces? My sister used to have a round face, but after the extraction of... READ MORE

Can the Size of my Front Teeth Be Minimized?

They are big and wide. I don't think they stick out much they are just huge. I know the unevenness can be addressed and the color of the front crown... READ MORE

What can I do to make my gums even? (photos)

Since I've gotten my braces off, my gum line has been a point of complexity for me. The unevenness makes my smile appear a bit crooked and was... READ MORE

Should I do gum lift surgery? Is there any way to do it with laser without my gums growing back? (photos)

I'm 17 and I got my braces off a few months ago. I'm very happy with the straightness of my teeth, but not the gumminess , and uneven smile. I went to... READ MORE

What treatment options would you recommend for underbite, uneven, and different sizes for my teeth? (photos)

Hello and thanks for your time. I have 3 issues with my teeth/jaw that I NEED to have corrected. 1) Underbite- Was told I'll need surgery (that's ok)... READ MORE

Veneers didn't fit very well. Will they look different once attached? (photo)

The day I was suppose to get them planted in, the canines didn't fit (first bad sign), so they had to get resent to the lab. I also had some gum... READ MORE

My front teeth are larger than my other teeth, and they are uneven. What is the best treatment? I don't want braces. (Photo)

I don't want to put the wire on my teeth because I don't think putting a wire will solve my problem with the size of my two front teeth I just want... READ MORE

How do I fix my slanted teeth? (photos)

My whole upper teeth I don't know the term)is slanted to the right and it is really visible when I smile. It definitely affects my confidence. Even... READ MORE

Front Teeth Crowns Uneven - What Now?

I recently had my 6 front teeth crowned due to excessive wear. When they placed them in my mouth(before cement)I noticed one front tooth was longer.... READ MORE

Is there a way to fix my uneven(crooked) smile/mouth/teeth/jaw? Had braces before and I addressed the matter to my . . . (photo)

Orthodontist and tried to explain my problem but he didn't understand what I was talking about and said that he couldn't do anything about it. I was... READ MORE

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