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What Can Fix a One-Tooth Underbite?

I have a major over bite, but my lateral incisor is behind my bottom teeth acting like an under bit, buts its only that one tooth. READ MORE

Expander or Retainer with Springs to Fix Underbite?

My 10 year old daughter has an underbite one orthodontist wants to use an expander to correct another states can be corrected with just a retainer... READ MORE

What treatment options would you recommend for underbite, uneven, and different sizes for my teeth? (photos)

Hello and thanks for your time. I have 3 issues with my teeth/jaw that I NEED to have corrected. 1) Underbite- Was told I'll need surgery (that's ok)... READ MORE

Does this look like a skeletal or dental underbite? (photo)

And is it severe and noticeable,is my jaw protruding READ MORE

What Can Be Done for my Slight Open Bite/or Underbite? Not Sure Which One. (photo)

I ask what can be done because of the fact that I have implants in teeth 8 and 9. I believe that would complicate matters immensely. So thus I am... READ MORE

What would be the best way to fix a worn and chipped upper front tooth if I have an underbite? (Photo)

I'm 43 years old and I have a worn down and chipped top tooth that has been caused gradually by an underbite from my bottom teeth. What would be the... READ MORE

Developed Underbite 1 Week After Restoration?

Hi, I had most of my teeth repaired with fillings in a single session, and over the course of one week have developed an obvious underbite and severe... READ MORE

Got my braces off but need more work. Any advice? (photos)

Got my braces off today. Had huge gap where I had bonding put on in 1999 but it started opening again. Got braces to remove bonding n close gap but... READ MORE

What options do I have for correcting my underbite? (Photo)

I've developed a mild underbite that causes me headaches. I'm 26, and had braces when I was 13. I have a permanent retainer on my lower teeth, and... READ MORE

Am I able to cosmetically change my teeth without braces? (Photo)

I had braces when I was younger.. they came off when I was 13 and I'm 30 now. I have numerous problems with my teeth, including crowding, a bad bite... READ MORE

Are Braces and Dental Implants the Best Option?

I recently went to see an orthodontist for a consult regarding my underbite. The orthodontist said that it's not a jaw issue but an issue of missing... READ MORE

Should I Get Orthognatic Surgery for my lower jaw or upper jaw? (Photo)

I had a severe underbite since I was born. When I was twelve I had braces. Mom paid everything. My orthodontist wanted to fix my underbite wit braces... READ MORE

I have an under bite, and missing teeth. Any suggestions on how to fix it? (Photo)

I'am 24 and from Philippines, I have an under bite and as what you can see in the pictures i lost my other teeth, what treatment will be the best for... READ MORE

My underbite is severe and I lost two teeth to an injury. I want orthodontic work and dental implants. Where do I start? (Photo)

I had a baseball injury that broke my two lower back teeth and I'm thinking about dental implants. I don't know where to start or what to do?!? My jaw... READ MORE

My orthodontist won't do anything to fix my underbite. I want to get it fixed. What should I do?

I am 14 and I have a pretty severe underbite. Around 1cm gap. My orthodontist decided to not do anything about it. He told me to wait until I'm done... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage for Underbite Surgery?

I have a class III underbite and need underbite surgery along with braces,but i dont have insurance. In trying to get insurance the few policies i... READ MORE

Is there any way I could get my underbite fixed without surgery? How much would it be for me? (Photo)

I want to know is there any way I could get my underbit fixed without surgery or how much would it be for me? I went to orthodontist he said I need... READ MORE


Does anyone know how venlay restorations can realign jaw and fix over/under bites without surgery? It seems impossible yet there are hundreds of... READ MORE

Will pre molar extractions really change my face? (Photo)

I am 15 and recently had 4 pre-molars extracted for braces, due to severe crowding and a slight under bite. Though afterwards I found online that it... READ MORE

My 9 year old has a slight underbite. What appliances are used to correct the condition?

My 9 year old has a slight underbite (not genetic) other than a palatial expander, what appliances are used to correct the condition? READ MORE

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