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Removable Expander Vs. Cemented One in a 9 Year Old Patient Which Do You Recommend?

Removable Expander Vs. Cemented One in a 9 Year Old Patient Which Do You Recommend? READ MORE

My temporary crown broke in half and the dentist office is closed until tuesday. What should I do until then?

This is a root canal tooth, so there's not much of it left and I don't want to risk damaging it. What precautions can I take, and is 3 days without... READ MORE

Is it normal to use permanent cement on a temporary crown?

I had decay under a permanent crown. They cut off the crown, removed the perimeter of decay, placed a temporary crown on with permanent cement, and... READ MORE

What can I use to temporarily glue my daughters tooth back until I can get her to a dentist? She is 3&1/2 by the way.

My daughter had major dental surgery about a year and a half ago and today she was shutting the microwave door and it didn't shut completely and swung... READ MORE

I'm in extreme pain close to a month after getting 20 temporaries. I'm waiting on the permanents. Is this normal? What can I do?

Front 20 teeth were prepped & covered with temporaries. The back 6 will be prepped at the next visit. This was done to maintain my bite. I'm taking... READ MORE

Is It True That You Have to Take Out Temporary Crowns To Eat?

I am having my temporary crowns tired today on my two front teeth. At my last appointment he told me I would have to take them out to eat and they may... READ MORE

Can a Temporary Dental Bridge Last for 2 Years?

I have dental briges on my 10 front teeth and it is costly. But im still not satisfied about it and i want new bridges or implants but doesn't... READ MORE

Pain after Temporary bridge

My 13 yrs old bridge removed due to lots of decay on the supporting tooth. And temp bridge fixed until permanent one prepare. Since temp bridge... READ MORE

My permanent crown fell off in less than two weeks. What happened? (Photos)

The tooth had a filling and then fractured. Went to dentist he preformed a root canal and sent me home for 2 months w/ temp. Went back he put the perm... READ MORE

If You Lose a Flipper, What Can Substiute Best for One or Two Days if You Want to Go out Still?

There some ideas like chicklets gum? i just dont want to look like an idiot missing a tooth....its my left incisoor READ MORE

Is it normal for the temporary bridge to be uncomfortable/slightly painful? (Photo)

I have a temporary bridge in place. During the appointment I experienced a lot of pain because the doctor didn't give me enough anesthetic. That night... READ MORE

Can I Correct a Class 2 bite with an implant already placed? (Photos)

I had braces a while ago and ended with an overjet and overbite. I was not completely satisfied, however my entire family and orthodontist said it... READ MORE

What is my best option? (Photo)

My wedding is in a month i have severely decayed teeth all because a fear of dentists since a traumatic visit as a child now I'm 23 with horrible... READ MORE

Redness and mild pain in gum 1 month after bridge? (Photos)

I get this bridge a month ago, Fixed with temporary cement. I have redness and mild pain in gum over the middle teeth in the bridge. I want to know if... READ MORE

Well currently it has been a year and a half since my last visit to the dentist I have noticed my tooth getting a bit dark.

The problem stared off a year and a half ago when I hurt my tooth during a game The dentist had performance a root filling Then temporary filling came... READ MORE

Can the eye tooth crown? it's a 3point bridge, be less abrasive on my upper lip so won't have to remove it and try over?

My dentist has tried contouring and polishing with some success, however still is irritating to my upper lip. He wants to try to remove it whole, send... READ MORE

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