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I Had Reaction After a Visit to the Dentist, I Got Swollen Cheek and Eye? (photo)

Had a dentist appointment yesterd,the dentist injected local anesthesia(lidocaine)in the upper right part of my gum, shortly after i got swollen cheek... READ MORE

Composite Filling Sensitivity and Aching?

I got one several yrs ago and have had problems ever since. Immediately I noticed sensitivity to hot and cold. My tooth aches down deep and the gums... READ MORE

Incisors Shifted from Impacted Wisdom Teeth Coming in? (photo)

So, I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow morning(just the bottom two) because they are pushing against my molars, and causing my incisors to... READ MORE

Gums Looks Swollen 3 Months PO After Apicoectomy Normal?

Not sure if this is a fluid buildup or the way that my gums look but I had my surgery 3 months ago and I've noticed that the gum tissue is still... READ MORE

I have severe pain after wisdom teeth removal. I have bad taste and breath! Taking narcotic pills but they're not working. Help?

Teeth got removed on the august 18 and today is august 21. The pain has been getting really bad in my bottom left part of my mouth. It's swollen,... READ MORE

Why is my throat still swollen after antibiotics and infection? (photo)

I used to have severe tooth decay and I had to get all my teeth removed. The lymph nodes in my neck where swollen. I have taken antibiotics and the... READ MORE

How can i fix my mouth and teeth? (Photo)

Hello doctos as you can see on the pictures i really have bad crown and my gum looks swollen but its not,i was born this way, i wonder the kind of... READ MORE

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