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How Do I Fix Off-centerd Teeth? (photo)

I've had this problem throughout my life and I've had people point it out to me (so it must be really noticeable). It seems like my top teeth... READ MORE

4 front teeth bent inwards. Is it possible to make them stand straight instead of bent inward?

Hi, So one of the parents of this person also has exactly the same teeth. 1) Does this have any medical name? 2) Does this go from mother/father to... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Straighten my Teeth Without Surgery?

I have a narrow upper arch and have a skeletal crossbite on my lower jaw which shifts to the right. My front teeth on my arch shift to the left and my... READ MORE

Other Options to Metal Braces and Invisalign for Straightening Teeth?

I went to a dentist today and he said he was afraid that one of my bottom front teeth might fall out if I get Invisalign. I can't have metal in my... READ MORE

I want to fix my crooked teeth. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

My dentist had me wearing retainers for years and this is the end result. Are there better options? Mostly I want to even and straighten my teeth out... READ MORE

Invisalign/Invisalign Lite & Veneers - Da Vinci, Lumineers or Emax? (photo)

I am thinking of getting veneers as I would like my teeth to be a bit longer and all the same length. My upper lateral incisors are slightly crooked... READ MORE

What should I do about my adult canine teeth? (Photo)

I've had my baby canin teeth for years. My adult teeth still grew in behind the baby ones. My left baby tooth recently fell out but the root is still... READ MORE

Top teeth jutting out & too big, bottom teeth uneven. (Photo)

I just recently took out 3 of my wisdom teeth. I used to have straighter teeth, but I notice this has made my teeth uneven, with the bottom teeth... READ MORE

I hate my teeth. Both of my front teeth are bonded. What can I do to get nice straight teeth? (photos)

Aside from the bonding, the teeth on both sides of my front teeth have a rounded shape making it impossible for me to have nice straight teeth. What... READ MORE

How can I get my teeth straight without all the work? (Photo)

I want my teeth to be straight but metal braces take too long and so does invisaline. I was looking online and saw they make snap on smile. Will it... READ MORE

What procedure would it take to straighten my teeth? How long would it take and what would be a good estimate in cost? (photo)

My teeth. Well, I don't smile much, there is some pain. I have a tooth that has grown out of my gums. I constantly feel embarrassed. I'm not... READ MORE

NYC - Is There Any Affordable Way to Fix This? (photo)

I have spent my whole life miserable and hating my teeth and smile. It has affected everything in my life and I no longer want it to! I am starting to... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for straightening my teeth? (photo)

These teeth are positioned very oddly. what is the perfect treatment for my teeth. READ MORE

Very large space between two front teeth and overjet. Can it be fixed? (Photo)

Hi, I was wondering exactly what could be done to straighten my teeth. I have a pretty large gap between the front ones. I don't really want to close... READ MORE

Will getting my wisdom teeth removed help fix my overbite some? (photos)

I have seen many orthodontist and some told me I would have to get my top wisdom teeth removed another orthodontist told me I didn't need my wisdom... READ MORE

Tooth rotation after braces: annoyed my tooth is moving and my teeth are not straight. Don't want braces again! Options? (Photo)

Tooth rotation after braces, super annoyed my tooth is moving and my teeth are not straight :( don't want braces again!! Any ideas on what I could get... READ MORE

How can I straighten my teeth without braces? (Photo)

Hw can I straighten my teeth without braces READ MORE

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