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What can I do to make my teeth smaller? (photo)

Hi I have hated my teeth for a long time now also I have had a jaw osteotomy and I don't think it has done much READ MORE

I Have Very Big Upper Incisors (Look Like Buck Teeth) How Can I Make Them Smaller? (photo)

I would like to get my teeth made smaller to get a confident smile, for the first time! Ive had braces and i am now 24, i shouldnt have to live with... READ MORE

My lateral incisors are smaller than the rest of my teeth. What should I do about it?

I have recently noticed how my lateral incisors are smaller than the rest of my teeth -- and seeing it in photos has made me self conscious about it.... READ MORE

Making teeth smaller? (Photo)

I got my braces off today but now I'm self conscious and don't even want to smile because my teeth are so huge. Ive heard of people having their teeth... READ MORE

How can I make my front teeth smaller? (photo)

My front teeth have always been a difficult thing for me. I am always self concious about them. I would like them smaller going from top to bottom but... READ MORE

One of my incisors is smaller than the other. Is it possible to resize it? (Photo)

My one front teeth is smaller than other I just wanna resize for small teeth is this possible thx READ MORE

My left lateral incisor is significantly smaller than my right. What caused this and how can I fix it? (Photo)

My teeth were very crowded before orthodontic treatment began. I never noticed this until my teeth had evened out. What could have caused this... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix big front teeth? (photos)

My two front teeth have always been huge, and also the teeth right beside them are very small. They almost appear to be baby teeth but they are... READ MORE

How could I have smaller teeth, and which treatment would close the gap in my front teeth? (Photo)

How should i get shorter front teeth and also i've gap between front teeth,please resolve this.. READ MORE

Big hole in tooth. Can it be treated? (Photos)

Im worried a lot. Im only 19 and my teeth are so bad. This hole was smaller but today I felt something and I found this. Please help me. READ MORE

Is there any way to correct a cross-bite due to the upper jaw being smaller than the lower without surgery?

My teeth do not align properly on my right side, but do on my left. I have had braces and got them off over two years ago, but now my teeth are... READ MORE

Is there anyway to make my teeth smaller? (photos)

I feel that my two front teeth are way too big and are longer than the rest of my teeth. My mouth doesn't need to be opened all that much to see that... READ MORE

How to make my teeth smaller? (Photo)

I was wondering what I can do to make my teeth smaller/ more attractive in general. My lips and overbite make my teeth look even bigger and I was... READ MORE

Wonder if some smaller changes can make front teeth same length even if underbite is not fixed? (photos)

When young 2 top teeth were removed. Now I have an underbite, except one top tooth that impacts the bottom, pushing it up and making it appear shorter... READ MORE

What can I do to make my front teeth smaller? (Photo)

My two front teeth have been very long for a long time! Since i was like 9, and now I'm 14. And, all of my other teeth aren't the same size as my two... READ MORE

Is there any procedure that would make my teeth look smaller in size? Can my lateral incisors be pushed backwards? (photo)

My front four teeth look too wide .Also i feel they have a little outward inclination.My dentist said braces woudnt make much difference as there are... READ MORE

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