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Why is my Tooth So Sensitive Still After 3 Weeks of Filling?

My dentist said the filling is deep. But every time eat or drink something cold my lower jaw seems to hurt really bad. Is it always going to be like this? READ MORE

Super Sensitive Tooth After Filling?

Had a filling done on a tooth which was located at the back of my mouth at the top 2 weeks ago. After that it has gotten super sensitive to hot, cold... READ MORE

Composite Filling Sensitivity and Aching?

I got one several yrs ago and have had problems ever since. Immediately I noticed sensitivity to hot and cold. My tooth aches down deep and the gums... READ MORE

Why sensitivity occurs after composite filling?

I filled composite in lower left second molar before 4 months. At that time pt had caries extending into dentin but not near to pulp n no sensitivity... READ MORE

Tooth sensitivity after a shallow filling is this normal?

One week ago had minor restoration to a bonded filling in rear most right molar which had broken claims the filling was very shallow, "a... READ MORE

Why does my whole face hurt 3 weeks after white fillings?

I had fillings done on teeth 2 and 3 and at first the pain was bareable and only in the teeth and gums around those teeth every day it gets worse I... READ MORE

Can Tooth Contouring Be Done?

I have my more than half or 3/4 natural front tooth structure with exposed dentin and I am felling sensitivity, the remaining portion broke due to an... READ MORE

Is Office Whitening Less Painful for Sensitive Gums Than at Home Treatments?

What home whitening products exist that are effective, yet recommended for very sensitive gums? Will teeth whitening at a dental office be less... READ MORE

Invisalign/Invisalign Lite & Veneers - Da Vinci, Lumineers or Emax? (photo)

I am thinking of getting veneers as I would like my teeth to be a bit longer and all the same length. My upper lateral incisors are slightly crooked... READ MORE

Tooth cracks, enamel loss, cavities and sensitivities. What options do I have? (Photo)

I brush 2 a day (sometimes 3). I have never had a problem with my teeth and only one as a child. (I am now 33). The last year I have been getting... READ MORE

I've had pain for a year since root canal to my molar with cap. It's now excruciating pain! What's wrong? (Photo)

I had a root canal in a molar a year ago.had a cap put on over it. The tooth has always been sensitive to the touch Endo saw nothing wrong on X-rays.... READ MORE

Vertical Crack or What?

I had a deep filling & every since I have had a pain/zing sensation on "bite down" not release. I have had about 10 appointments to correct to... READ MORE

Would the extraction of 4 premolars (1st) be recommended in my case? Also, how would my teeth shift in my case? (Photos)

2 orthodontists recommended that I remove 4 premolars (most likely the first premolars on the top and bottom). I have a Class I protrusion. Both top... READ MORE

Lower Anterior Teeth Are Loose After Trauma and Are Sensitive to Hot and Cold, Options?

65 years old with no medical history but I had an accident a few months ago and my lower centrals became loose and they started to be sensitive to... READ MORE

Is it normal for tooth sensitivity to go away from a filling?

I had a filling on my tooth but it wasn't sensitive at first when i had it but then started to get sensitive. Now the sensitivity is kind of going... READ MORE

Veneers started bothering after a week.

Got two veneers. Temporaries did not bother. Permanent veneers felt ok the first week. Cold and hot did not bother much. After a week those teeth... READ MORE

Composite-Filled Cavity on Front Tooth - Sensitivity and Feels Different

I had a cavity on my front tooth filled with composite resin (white bonding). After the cavity was placed, I am having sensitivity and the tooth does... READ MORE

How long will my tooth need to heal after dental trauma from falling?

I fell a month and a half ago and since my front tooth has been lose I've had X-rays done two weeks after injury and nothing seemed to be wrong... READ MORE

Chewing is very painful two months after deep filling. Multiple appointments have not helped. Is it time for a second opinion?

I had many fillings two months ago at a new dentist. One tooth that had been filled became VERY sensitive when chewing any food. My bite's been... READ MORE

What is Bacterial Microleakage? I Have Occasional Sensitivity.

I occasionally have some sensitivity. Not to bite,or temp. ACT rinse and Sensodyne diminish it.Area: #1 veneer,#2 root canal with gold post and crown,... READ MORE

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