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My back tooth broke off to the gum line. The crown fell off the tooth next to it. What is the hard bump?

Now where both broken top teeth on the gum line there is a hard bump which looks like the root is protruding threw. What is it. READ MORE

What does Root Planing mean?

I have Periodontatis and I was recomended Root Planing,but I don't know what Root Planning means. Thank you very much. READ MORE

How can I preserve a tooth with receding gum after losing a filling covering the root?

25 years ago, I had one tooth that had an exposed root from receding gum. My dentist then put a filling over the root. Tonight after dinner, the... READ MORE

I am struggling to decide what to do to improve my teeth appearance and longevity... (photos)

My canine teeth are milk teeth. I have no adult canine teeth. My 1st and 2nd incisors are very different sizes. X-rays show my baby canines have... READ MORE

Can a short dental post lead to root fracture if it isn't removed? (Photo)

I had from 10 years ago root canal treatment for a 1st molar tooth with a short post placed as shown in x-ray it has no complications but one dentist... READ MORE

Teeth misaligned missing cuspid. How can I fix? (photos)

I am very self conscious of the way my teeth look. I had my left cuspid tooth removed due to it damaging the nerve of my incisor. Since then my teeth... READ MORE

What are my options to close these gaps? Will it affect my eating afterward? How much it's going to cost me? (photos)

Hello, am 34 years old and i have this teeth gaps like my father, the problem is that i hate how it looks , i read a lot about people facing root... READ MORE

Can I get my baby teeth and impacted canines removed and get a dental bridge or partial dentures instead of braces?

I have 2 impacted canines on the top and have had them for years and it looks like they have started to affect the roots of my other adult top teeth .... READ MORE

Am I close to my teeth falling out - how deep do the roots go into peoples gums? (photo)

I have always been wooried about my theeth but sometimes i either forget to brush them or just have so many things in the way that just need to be... READ MORE

X-Ray shows small root tip #18. I'm getting it removed tomorrow. Will recovery be easier than having tooth extracted?

Wizzies extracted Wednesday. Friday felt bizzare ache. Dentist hawkeye examined, healing was wnl. Monday, ache present. Not better, not worse.... READ MORE

Help needed to restore missing tooth and heavy root resorption from years of surgery and orthodontic treatments (Photo)

Hello, Long story short, I started with my treatment at 12 years old. I was treated through a dental school (University of Toronto) and had wonderful... READ MORE

Need help getting dentures: teeth pulled.

Had to have teeth pulled because my diabetes was eating my roots out and they was rotting away but now I am having a hard time getting Dentures. I... READ MORE

All my teeth are decayed, I only have roots left in my gum line. I'm 59. Can it be corrected?

Can I have this corrected with out oral surgery? I prefer to stay awake. READ MORE

Short incisor’s roots: would you advise against orthodontic treatment? (Photo)

38 yo male with deep bite, protruding front teeth and other malocclusions (see pictures). I had braces for a couple of years about 18 years ago, the... READ MORE

Can a pin in a tooth be removed, followed by treatment, by drilling a bridge?

Hello, I have an infection above the root of one of my teeth, being part of a bridge (4,5,6 on the upper left side)'-My dentist suspects that the... READ MORE

About inward teeth front incisors after orthodontics.

I want to know how to correct my teeth easily and frequent moving damage root or not. READ MORE

Can my front tooth be fixed if it is cracked to the gumline?

I have a missing upper front tooth, I believe the root is still there, I don't have any pain in the area and there is no sensitivity to hot or cold.... READ MORE

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