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Root Canal involving a Bridge?

What is the process if a root canal is needed in one of the teeth holding the bridge? READ MORE

File Left in After Root Canal. Risk of Long-term Problems?

I Had a Root Canal Done and the File Was Left in It. The Endo Cannot Remove It , Can This Be a Problem in the Long Run? READ MORE

Will root canal cause black gum line?

I was about to get root canal treatment on my upper lateral incisor and I was thinking of going with Zirconium Crowns as I've read many positive... READ MORE

I Had a Root Canal Two Days Ago That Has Now Broken, Can This Tooth Be Saved?

I Had a Root Canal Two Days Ago That Has Now Broken, Can This Tooth Be Saved? READ MORE

Can a Broken File from a Root Canal Cause Sinus Problems?

I had a root canal done on tooth #3 about 3 months ago. The tip to the file broke off in the canal after it was all cleaned out. Instead of it... READ MORE

Why is my tooth still pulsating/throbbing after the root canal retreat that I had done about 3 wks ago? (photos)

My biggest concerns with this tooth is that it was retreated about 3 wks ago to the top molar shown in the picture. The endodontist that retreated it... READ MORE

Does my 10 Year Old Need Root Canals? (photo)

My 10 year old cracked the roots of his two top front teeth horizontally midway between the gumline and the tip of the roots. An endodontis told us... READ MORE

Does this x-ray show an abscess / infection in the gums under #28? X-ray taken three months after root canal. (photos)

Random pain has been continuing for three months after my root canal. My endodontist claimed that all was well at first, but during my second visit,... READ MORE

New Dentist Says Replacing Silver with Composite will Increase Chance of Root Canal, is This True?

My old dentist put metal fillings in teeth that are visible (the ones behind the bicuspids on both sides). You can see the metal through the sides if... READ MORE

Can a Root Canal and Fillings Be Done at the Same Time?

I need to have a root canal done, and also fillings in order to start my orthodonic treatment. Can these be done at once? READ MORE

Constant pain after crown, root canal and finally tooth extraction! What could be causing the pain?

My 15 had a crown (for a chip). Afterward, I experienced a constant achy, throbbing, burning sensation. Had it adjusted several times, a root canal... READ MORE

File from Root Canal Now in Sinus Cavity from the Endodontist. What Problems Will This Cause ?

File from Root Canal Now in Sinus Cavity from the Endodontist  What Problems Will This Cause ? READ MORE

Can I Wear Veneers or Am I Forced to Wear a Crown if I Had a Root Canal on a Tooth?

I have a root canal on my molar & front tooth. I was told veneers would be better choice then crowns if i am to replace the rest of my teeth... READ MORE

My 8 Year Old Daughter Chipped Her Front Tooth Horizontally Pinhead Eposure of Root?

Is root canal needed? What are other alternatives? What is the risk? The other tooth is split vertically but root is not effected, what is the remedy? READ MORE

Replace dental bridge or go with Implants? Currently have a 3 unit bridge for teeth #3, 4 & 5 (missing tooth was #5)

I had a 3 unit bridge replaced in April 2012. Just 15 months later the abutment tooth cracked under the bridge (tooth#3). Apparently this tooth... READ MORE

Do I have to get a broken tooth pulled if it has broken off below the gumline due to a failed root canal?

The dentist that did the root canal told me that it was in no danger of getting infected and needed no treatment since it was a root canal and the... READ MORE

Root Canal in Two Front Teeth That Are Worn Out, Will Insurance Pay if I Were to Get Veneers on Them?

Root canal therapy was done on my two front teeth about two years ago, and now they are worn out and very thin. The teeth have shrunk in size and look... READ MORE

Had a root canal 7 days ago and it hurts just as much to bite now as it did before. What's wrong?

I had a filling on my second to back bottom molar about two years ago and recently went to the dentist who said the filling needed to be fixed. She... READ MORE

Second Abcess After 2 Root Canals and 1 Apicoectomy on Same Tooth - What to Do? Implant? More Endodontic Work?

I've been having recurring problems with tooth #4 - second root canal, 1 apicoectomy - the gum surgery was 3 years ago. Three days ago my face started... READ MORE

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