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File Left in After Root Canal. Risk of Long-term Problems?

I Had a Root Canal Done and the File Was Left in It. The Endo Cannot Remove It , Can This Be a Problem in the Long Run? READ MORE

Whitening, Polishing and Scaling?

I'm going to a dentist the day after tomorrow to have my teeth whitened with lasers and peroxide, polished and cleaned. My teeth look ok as it is, but... READ MORE

New Dentist Says Replacing Silver with Composite will Increase Chance of Root Canal, is This True?

My old dentist put metal fillings in teeth that are visible (the ones behind the bicuspids on both sides). You can see the metal through the sides if... READ MORE

File from Root Canal Now in Sinus Cavity from the Endodontist. What Problems Will This Cause ?

File from Root Canal Now in Sinus Cavity from the Endodontist  What Problems Will This Cause ? READ MORE

Best options to correct exposed dental implant bridges receding gum lines when implant can't be removed?

I have a implant that is located upper front of my mouth. The gum has receded exposing the bridge and you can see the root screw through the gum... READ MORE

My Son is Having Hernia Surgery and then 10 Days Later, Having Wisdom Teeth Removed. Is That Bad?

My Son is Having Hernia Surgery and then 10 Days Later, Having Wisdom Teeth Removed. Is That Bad? READ MORE

What Are The Dangers Of Replacing a Missing Molar? X-Ray Attached.

Thank you for your answers. I'm attaching an X-ray, hoping that this will help you understand better my situation. Do you believe that the bone... READ MORE

If You Use Toothpaste Without Fluoride Will You Get Cavities?

I suffer from Hypothyroidism and in my research, they say that fluoride is not good for people with low functioning thyroid. I heard many different... READ MORE

Risks of Being Under Anesthesia for Five Hours?

Dear Doctors I am having a bimax surgery. It's a five hours long procedure. I am afraid of forming blood clots and having a heart attack or embolism.... READ MORE

What are the risks of waiting until the extraction site has healed to determine if a bone graft is necessary?

I have had 2 failed root canals on #19. My dentist recommends extraction, and bone grafting, followed by an implant in 4 months. What are the risks of... READ MORE

I was wondering if I could get my two front teeth shortened? (Photo)

I am 16 and would like to have my two front teeth shortened. I am worried I might be too young, or if there might be dangers involved. Also, much can... READ MORE

My daughter is 13 and her 2 bottom front permanent teeth will not be growing in. What's the best option? (Photo)

2 opinions -1) put one or two implants; or even one implant that can be made to look like two teeth. 2) The alternative is to close all the lower... READ MORE

Delayed underbite surgery. Will I be looking worse?

I have underbite and crowded upper teeth...I have been suggested to get started with braces and 10-12 months down the line, orthodontist will decide... READ MORE

Can I have sex after bone graft?

I broke a tooth and it had to be extracted. He had a problem getting out one of the roots and had to cut the gum. He then did a bone graft. He told me... READ MORE

Can I Replace My Canine Teeth With Permanent Fangs?

I Just Want To Know If It Is Possible To Have Real Fangs And What The Risks Are And Possibly How Much It Would Cost... READ MORE

Can I get my teeth shaved down 2 mm?

I had invisalign about 5 years ago to correct an edge to edge bite. Not only did the dentist not correct my edge to edge bite, but something happened... READ MORE

What are some of the risks associated with LANAP surgery?

Could LANAP destroy gum tissue that could otherwise be rehabilitated by traditional scaling and root planing? READ MORE

Bone loss with advanced periodontal disease

My question is in relation to bone loss. What are bone loss risks of keeping my teeth as long as possible with advanced periodontal disease? Will a... READ MORE

When can I smoke again after 22 teeth extractions?

Three days ago I had 22 teeth extracted and immediate dentures put it. They told me I COULD NOT smoke. So my question is, when can I smoke again? And... READ MORE

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