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Can my few misshapen teeth be fixed with tooth contouring/reshaping only, without requiring bonding? (Photo)

I'm going to have dental contouring and reshaping done soon, but i've heard that bonding is often used in conjunction with this. I'd really rather not... READ MORE

Can reshaping/contouring 2 front teeth help my protruding teeth? (Photo)

I have a slightly protruding teeth (i feel uncomfortable if i smile without showing teeth because the front teeth poking my lower lip), and very large... READ MORE

Can Tooth Contouring Be Done?

I have my more than half or 3/4 natural front tooth structure with exposed dentin and I am felling sensitivity, the remaining portion broke due to an... READ MORE

Would you recommend Cosmetic Contouring for my Overcrowded Teeth? (Photo)

I need advice... I’m self-conscious about my front teeth; I can’t afford braces and was thinking that maybe tooth reshaping or Cosmetic Contouring wou... READ MORE

I have healthy teeth but want to change the shape. What procedures would you suggest? (photos)

My problem is that I don't like the shape of my teeth! And I am willing to pay a lot to have them fixed. I talked with Straumann- dental clinic, and... READ MORE

Would my two front teeth be considered large enough to be reshaped and made smaller? (Photo)

I've always hated my two front teeth and they have stopped me from wanting to smile with my mouth open as I feel they look to large and goofy. Would... READ MORE

Can my Tooth Be Reshaped on my Tooth Current Condition?

Please tell me that I have enough tooth structure to save my natural tooth? READ MORE

Filing or Reshaping? (Photo)

Hello, I just got my braces off a few days ago after two years of having them and I'm wanting to do some work to get them nice-looking. My main... READ MORE

Not looking for a perfect smile but for a better look when I speak. (photo)

Asked a question about alignment options last week. invis align was suggested and when i consult doctor they also suggested braces only.As my age is... READ MORE

Not happy with my teeth cosmetically but I don't want veneers or crowns. What can be done? (Photo)

I hate my front teeth. I feel like they are large and when I talk, you can only see them because my other teeth next them are really small in... READ MORE

Teeth re-shaping/re-contouring for incisors? (Photo)

My Invisalign treatment will be finishing in the next 6 months. I'm curious what other options I have to improve my smile? Would teeth re-shaping... READ MORE

Can I get my teeth reshaped after receiving my retainer?

My orthodontist did not shape my teeth. He already took the shape of my teeth and ordered the retainer. He said he will shape them when I go back for... READ MORE

I need to have an eye-tooth reshaped, but have no gums surrounding the tooth. Can it be done?

Two years ago (I am diabetic) I developed a horrible gum disease. Gums bled, teeth loosened and my eye-tooth on the left side began to elongate in the... READ MORE

Can a fixed traditional bridge be reshaped?

I have a bridge where the false tooth replaces my left front tooth using my two adjacent teeth, I've had it for a little over a year now and the only... READ MORE

What would you recommend for me to reshape my teeth? (Photo)

My teeth are rounded and i want them more even and square with my other teeth. READ MORE

I've looked into tooth reshaping as an option. I am a college student&need something affordable. Is this a good option? (Photo)

I'm really uncomfortable with my smile and want to do something to change it. I would like it a little more uniform. I'm in college right now so I'm... READ MORE

Any suggestions for youthful smile? (photos)

My top 2 front teeth were chipped (still are) & filed down. I'm concerned they're now unnatural & "elderly" looking: "old womanish," short,... READ MORE

Is it ok to get my teeth reshaped or cut down to match my bottom row ? They are too big and I love my bottom row. (photo)

My front teeth are too big and i look like a chipmunk when i smile because the two front teeth stands out the most , i want to get them reshaped or... READ MORE

Easy or hard tooth reshaping? (Photos)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure to determine if tooth reshaping is the suitable solution to my imperfect tooth? Expensive... READ MORE

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