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Still Have 2 Baby Canine Teeth. Will Permanent Ones Replace Them if I Got Them Removed?

I am 18 and i still have my 2 canine baby teeth my left adult canine tooth is slightly showing above my baby tooth but my right one is not. Im scared... READ MORE

Is It Common for Part of a Dental Crown to Break off Within 5 Weeks After Crown Was Recemented?

Crown on my lower molar was loose. Dentist "popped" it off & recemented it. 5 wks later, a corner of crown fell off while I was eating.... READ MORE

Dental Bridge Flossing Resulting in Bleeding?

My 20 yr dental bridge which was never flossed was replaced by one which must be flossed this ok when i floss i always have blood on the... READ MORE

Can I get my original retainer remade after 4 years? (photos)

My Hawley retainers broke a few months ago. My teeth have shifted a little since then but I just wasn't in a position to pay for replacement retainers... READ MORE

New Dentist Says Replacing Silver with Composite will Increase Chance of Root Canal, is This True?

My old dentist put metal fillings in teeth that are visible (the ones behind the bicuspids on both sides). You can see the metal through the sides if... READ MORE

My canine teeth were pulled a long time ago - Can they be replaced? (Photo)

How my canine teeth could be replaced. I look wearied when I smile. Is there alternative solution to improve my smile. Thanks READ MORE

Replace dental bridge or go with Implants? Currently have a 3 unit bridge for teeth #3, 4 & 5 (missing tooth was #5)

I had a 3 unit bridge replaced in April 2012. Just 15 months later the abutment tooth cracked under the bridge (tooth#3). Apparently this tooth... READ MORE

Is There Any Way of Getting Rid of Denture? My 4 Front Teeth Are Denture. (photo)

I'm using denture for almost 16 years now and I'm really tired of it. Is there any dental procedure that helps me get rid of my denture? I want it to... READ MORE

What Are The Dangers Of Replacing a Missing Molar? X-Ray Attached.

Thank you for your answers. I'm attaching an X-ray, hoping that this will help you understand better my situation. Do you believe that the bone... READ MORE

Can I have my porcelain veneer re-cemented?

Hello. Thank you for your advice. One of my porcelain veneers fell off this weekend. My dentist was out of town so I went to another recommended by... READ MORE

I have both of my baby canine teeth on my lower jaw. What is the best option for replacing these teeth?

I'm 36 and my adult teeth were impacted in my chin and removed when I was 12. The dentist said there is about 1/3 of the root left there and not to... READ MORE

Ortho and Temp Crowns?

My orthodontist general cosmetic dentist and perio all think its ok for me to remove my ill fitted over contoured perm lower front 23 and 24 crowns... READ MORE

I Have a Postlin Crown and Wondering if I Can Have Veneers over It

My crown is one of my front tooth and has discoloured over 4 years, I was wondering so my front teeth all much could I have veneers over the crown... READ MORE

Where and how can I replace my upper right lateral and canine tooth? (Photo)

Im 18 yr old and I live in somewhere in the area of Raleigh,nc (I don't want to give away my address). My lateral been broke for 1 an a half yr,leaks... READ MORE

I had 4 caps put on my front teeth. I hate them. They are yellow. What are my rights? Can I say I want them replaced? (photos)

I have had white teeth for 15 years and when the Dentist was trying to figure out the color for the caps I was not consulted. When I saw them I got... READ MORE

Gum Tissue. Recently Had Bonding Replaced With Veneers?

I recently had bonding replaced with veneers about a week ago. I noticed that there is a small open space at the top between my front teeth. My... READ MORE

Should composite fillings be replaced every 3 years?

My dentist recommends replacing my composite fillings every 3 years, is it necessary? I have pretty big fillings and changing it every 3 years would... READ MORE

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