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Still Have 2 Baby Canine Teeth. Will Permanent Ones Replace Them if I Got Them Removed?

I am 18 and i still have my 2 canine baby teeth my left adult canine tooth is slightly showing above my baby tooth but my right one is not. Im scared... READ MORE

I'm 27 yrs old and baby tooth is still there. Is it possible to keep the tooth?

Hi iam 27 and still have one baby tooth .. I went to doctor and c said that the roots of that tooth is really weak and I should remove it .. and they... READ MORE

I have a broken bicuspid at the gum line. What treatment would you recommend?

Mt dentist sent me to a cosmetic dentist, and wants to remove some bone around the broken tooth, and then it would need a crown. I am looking for... READ MORE

Crowding- remove or not to remove first premolar? (photos)

My ortho wants to remove the first premolar on the right but, I don't want to extract. I want an altern. to keeping all of my teeth. A big concern is... READ MORE

Best options to correct exposed dental implant bridges receding gum lines when implant can't be removed?

I have a implant that is located upper front of my mouth. The gum has receded exposing the bridge and you can see the root screw through the gum... READ MORE

Do I need to ask them to remove my palate expander today when I go in if it didn't work? (Photo)

I'm 22. Have had a R.P.E. for 2 weeks. Thr r 2 docs in this office. One doc said I needed it then a week after having it with 6 turns the other doc... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Have Angle Implant Surgery After Tooth Extraction?

I am due to have mandible molars removed and wondered how soon after tooth extraction can I have the surgery without complications? READ MORE

Can I be awake during removal of 12 teeth broken at gumline?

I was a smoker most of my life, ALL of my back teeth on upper and lower have broken off at gumline. My front teeth are mainly post and crowns, I want... READ MORE

Loss of Feeling in a Tooth. (photo)

I had 3 teeth removed from my bottom right jaw (wisdom and the two molars in front of it. The next tooth in line I can't feel at all and have very... READ MORE

what cosmetic dentistry do I need? (photos)

I have a really bad crooked smile, my two molars have been taken out as I wouldn't see the dentist for check-ups because I was scared, but I floss... READ MORE

I had teeth removed and now I have buccal corridors. Can someone explain what I can do now?

I'm eighteen years old, and I just visited an orthodontist who said that getting four teeth removed two years ago (two on top, two on bottom,) was a... READ MORE

I have been self conscious because I have overcrowded eye teeth, whats your best advice? (photos)

I have been self conscious because I have overcrowded eye teeth, whats your best advice? Should I remove the eyetooth? And how long do you think it... READ MORE

Pain after Temporary bridge

My 13 yrs old bridge removed due to lots of decay on the supporting tooth. And temp bridge fixed until permanent one prepare. Since temp bridge... READ MORE

What Should I Do Next After Removal of Impacted Canine (Upper Left)?

At 12 I found an impacted canine. Upon completion of braces a surgeon attempted to remove it under LA yet failed. I lost my retainer & everything... READ MORE

How much would it cost to remove a canine tooth?

I have a slightly impacted canine? It sticks out over the rest of my teeth, out from my gums. I was just thinking of having it pulled since I don't... READ MORE

Removing premolars from crowded mouth? (Photo)

Im 16 and have a crowded mouth, my pre molars at the bottom have grown inwards, should i get them removed?, will they cause any problems in the future... READ MORE

Does Medicaid Pay for Teeth Removal with Anastasia?

I need to know of a dentist office that takes Medicaid for the removal of 21 teeth with anastesia that will put one under while performing this procedure READ MORE

For onlays, does a dentist need to remove the existing porcelain filling?

I've gotten conflicting info from several cosmetic dentists on the topic of adding onlays to a tooth to improve the occlusion and appearance of a... READ MORE

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