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Periodontist Removed 2mm From Gums, Now There Are Black Triangles Between Teeth, Is This Permanent?

My periodontist removed some inflammed gums (interdental gingiva) between my teeth. She removed about 1-2 mm of gum in between each tooth. Now I have... READ MORE

Should I Be Worried about Tooth Pain 2 Weeks Post Interproximal Reduction for Invisalign?

I had Interproximal Reduction on two sides of one tooth two weeks ago. Today that tooth started hurting - should I worry about this? READ MORE

Can I do gum reduction above just one tooth?

I had one uneven tooth which sunk in so I did dental bonding to straighten it out. Now I see that the problem lies with my gums right above that tooth... READ MORE

Can Gum Reduction Be Performed for Protruding Gums with No Teeth Inside?

I extracted my 6 upper front teeth because they are very protruded and braces didn't treat the protrusion. But it's been 4 yrs and my gums are... READ MORE

What treatment is most suitable? (photo)

Hello, am I suppose to do gum reduction? Or can their be any other treatments? Something dat could also push my teeth back?! READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for gum reduction surgery to improve my smile? (Photos)

I am unsure as to whether gun reduction surgery or veneers would make my teeth look bigger when I smile. READ MORE

Is grinding down the natural bottom teeth to fit a too thick upper front bridge really necessary? (Photo)

I have a three unit dental bridge for my front upper dentist can't seem to get it right due to the lab/impressions. To make this fourth... READ MORE

Is there any way to reduce the size of my teeth and amount of gum showing? (Photos)

The mouth seems to be pushed forward and isnt closed in a resting state READ MORE

Are cusps on teeth necessary?

Do the cusps on the molars and premolars serve any significant purpose? Is it possible to have them filed down to get a more even bite? I have a... READ MORE

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