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Is Cosmetic Gum Reshaping Safe for People with a History of Periodontal Disease or Mouth Ulcers?

Is cosmetic gum shaping similar to having a gum tissue graft? How painful is gum reshaping? How long does it take for the gums to heal? READ MORE

What Would Be Considered a Lengthy Full Mouth Reconstruction Surgery?

What are the most invasive procedures for full mouth reconstructions? How often does recovery recommend speech therapy? If so, is this therapy a 4-6... READ MORE

What is the Average Hospital Stay for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

About how many days of rehabilitation are needed for full mouth reconstruction? READ MORE

My daughter is 13 and her 2 bottom front permanent teeth will not be growing in. What's the best option? (Photo)

2 opinions -1) put one or two implants; or even one implant that can be made to look like two teeth. 2) The alternative is to close all the lower... READ MORE

What all happens in surgery to correct an over and cross bite and how long does it take to recover?

I have a 10 mm overbite and what my orthodontist calls a buckle cross bite. He also said that rubber bands I have been using aren't going to correct... READ MORE

Underbite correction without surgery? (Photos)

I am 27 years old and have a class III reverse bite I would really like to fix. I don't have time for recovery of jaw surgery so would like to know if... READ MORE

What are my options to improve my current teeth situation. (photos)

I have been recovered from an eating disorder for 2 years now. Unfortunately, that left some enamel stripped away from some of my front teeth,... READ MORE

X-Ray shows small root tip #18. I'm getting it removed tomorrow. Will recovery be easier than having tooth extracted?

Wizzies extracted Wednesday. Friday felt bizzare ache. Dentist hawkeye examined, healing was wnl. Monday, ache present. Not better, not worse.... READ MORE

How long does it take for an immune system to heal and be in it's normal state after wisdom tooth removal?

I had my wisdom teeth removed at the end of May. Im sure it took a toll on my immune system. I am wondering how long it takes for an immune system to... READ MORE

Recovered after 4 year of bulimia, but lots of fillings! Long term consequence? (Photo)

I've suffered for almost 4 years... my teeth look pretty good Despite the fact that I've been purging multiple times a day for multiple years. I DID... READ MORE

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