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What Can Be Done for Very Protruding Gums to Make It Strucked In? Pls Recommend Ways

I have a very protruding front teeth and i have braces for 5 yrs but it didnt work out. So i decided to make my 6 upper front teeth extracted to treat... READ MORE

Looking to "fix" protruding canine teeth. Are veneers or Invisalign or something else? (photo)

My two canine teeth are really the only teeth I have any issue with and they make me very self conscious, it's looks like they're too big since... READ MORE

Lost Four Teeth to an Overbite: Will Teeth Grow Back at 18 Years Old?

Now i am getting treatment for overbite treatement name is bimaxillary protusion READ MORE

How Can I Correct my Slanted Teeth? (photo)

I am a 24 year old upper jaw is a bit protruded and my concern is my front upper teeth slanting towards to the right of my face.this causes my... READ MORE

19 years old with a canine baby tooth (Photo)

I'm 19 and I still have a canine baby tooth which has become loose and protruded. I went for an x-ray and it showed that the root is present but it... READ MORE

Severe Protruded Front Teeth

First thank you for taking the time to view this question. I have severe protruded front teeth and crowdedness. Is it likely that I may need lower jaw... READ MORE

What Will Help Pull my Teeth Inward and Give Me a Close to Perfect Side Profile? (photo)

I hate the way my teeth protrude from the side view. If I relax my mouth and close my lips, they part on their own because of the way my teeth are. My... READ MORE

How Can I Reduce my Lip Protrusion Caused by Orthodontic Work? (photo)

Unhappy with the result from braces had as an adult. My jaw has been expanded in the forwards position to create room for my crowded teeth. The bottom... READ MORE

Will braces help my severe bimax protrusion or should I get surgery? (photo)

I have long face syndrome, long chin, mouth open at rest. My teeth flare out extremely. I've already had extractions because I knew I needed them. But... READ MORE

Can reshaping/contouring 2 front teeth help my protruding teeth? (Photo)

I have a slightly protruding teeth (i feel uncomfortable if i smile without showing teeth because the front teeth poking my lower lip), and very large... READ MORE

Why are my upper central incisors still bigger and slightly protruding after wearing braces for 2 years? (photos)

My upper central incisors have been bigger than my other teeth but they have come closer to the other teeth now as I am done with braces, However they... READ MORE

Does this look like a skeletal or dental underbite? (photo)

And is it severe and noticeable,is my jaw protruding READ MORE

Braces for 5 Years but Treatment Went Wrong Now I Again Want to Make my Teeth Perfectly Straight? (photo)

So I Consult to 2 Orthos? in last treatment dr made my teeth like right side protrude more than left .new ortho dr move my upper teeth upward and made... READ MORE

What's the best way to fix my protruding mouth and overly large front teeth? (Photo)

I hate the way my front teeth look when i smile, so i was planning to getting them fixed with veneers (the front 4 teeth). I don't want braces but i... READ MORE

Would the extraction of 4 premolars (1st) be recommended in my case? Also, how would my teeth shift in my case? (Photos)

2 orthodontists recommended that I remove 4 premolars (most likely the first premolars on the top and bottom). I have a Class I protrusion. Both top... READ MORE

I'm 20 yrs old and want to close the gap of my front teeth. What is the best treatment for me? (photo)

I am 20, I want to close the gap as well as changing the shape of my "black" front tooth, as you can see it looks different. I have a huge fear of the... READ MORE

Can Gum Reduction Be Performed for Protruding Gums with No Teeth Inside?

I extracted my 6 upper front teeth because they are very protruded and braces didn't treat the protrusion. But it's been 4 yrs and my gums are... READ MORE

I have a really large canine tooth which stick out a lot What can I do about it? I hide my smile, I hate it so much (Photo)

Please look at the photos attached and let me know, someone!!!! I read braces helps but it's only one tooth that is odd looking It really impacts my... READ MORE

What's the causation and as such the suitable correction to my mouth protrusion problem?

The dentist who did orthodontic treatment on me 2 years ago praised me for the nice overlap and closure between the upper and lower teeth. I did not... READ MORE

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