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What Can Be Done for Very Protruding Gums to Make It Strucked In? Pls Recommend Ways

I have a very protruding front teeth and i have braces for 5 yrs but it didnt work out. So i decided to make my 6 upper front teeth extracted to treat... READ MORE

What Will Help Pull my Teeth Inward and Give Me a Close to Perfect Side Profile? (photo)

I hate the way my teeth protrude from the side view. If I relax my mouth and close my lips, they part on their own because of the way my teeth are. My... READ MORE

Which Kind of Extractions Are Best for Bi-maxillary Protrusion?

My question is what is the difference between extracting first and second bicuspids for bi-maxillary protrusion? I saw two videos showing examples of... READ MORE

What is the best approach to correct my overjet and improve my facial profile? (Photo)

I have a Class 2 Malocclusion. I have a noticeable overjet that I would like corrected. I would also like to improve my facial profile. My readings... READ MORE

Will my profile look worse if I have 4 teeth extracted to pull back both top and bottom teeth? (Photo)

I have my bottom brace on. The teeth are straight, but it makes my mouth more protrude. My orthodontist also suggested to remove 4 teeth (the fourth... READ MORE

Will pre molar extractions really change my face? (Photo)

I am 15 and recently had 4 pre-molars extracted for braces, due to severe crowding and a slight under bite. Though afterwards I found online that it... READ MORE

Which treatment is good for me? (Photos)

I have some problems with my face. I don't like my chin and my profile, which is not so harmonious due to my weak chin. I have... READ MORE

How can I refine my side profile? Worry that Rhinoplasty will highlight & accentuate more my protruding mouth more (Photos)

I am getting a Rhinoplasty, however I have a slight concern that this might make the protrusion of my mouth (bimaxillary protrusion) stand out more.... READ MORE

What can be done to improve my profile? Do I have a recessed jaw and overbite? (Photo)

I've noticed that something doesn't seem quite right about my profile. Can you identify how it could be improved? READ MORE

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