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What kind of problems can an ill fitting bridge cause?

My bridge has been loose since I hot it and also gappy. Went in Dr adjusted bite several times and now added composite for the gaps READ MORE

I don't have protruded teeth but my mouth looks protruded, What surgery exists for me? (Photos)

I am 26 years old guy, It's been 13 years I have this problem, when I lost my cheeks fat I have this protruded mouth, when I was 13 years old my mouth... READ MORE

Wearing a bite guard that I cut in half - could this make my bite problems worse? (Photo)

I had orthodontic treatment repeated in adulthood which left me with the teeth in my left upper quadrant pulled down further than my right. I have... READ MORE

My perm. fixed dental bridge came a little loose after I bit into something, can I assume there's an underlying serious problem?

3 years ago I got a permanent fixed porcelain bridge for upper tooth that I lost from an accident years before and no bone so not a candidate for... READ MORE

What type of dental procedure would help make my teeth look better?

My top front teeth 8 & 9 are significantly larger than the rest of my teeth. My teeth are for the most part straight and shaped nicely my main problem... READ MORE

I have two canine teeth on the top of my jaw.

I would like to get them removed. Is there any side effects that can cause further problems after the removal of the theeth ? READ MORE

Is it possible to have an additional filling on top of an existing filling?

Recently I had a filling on my teeth almost 2 weeks ago. While adjusting the bite , The doctor had gone so deep now it feels like I have a cavity... READ MORE

I do not like the appearance of my teeth after orthodontic treatment - treatment options? (Photos)

What treatment options are available to correct my problem? However, I do not what route to consider to correct this. READ MORE

What can be done to fix slanted teeth? (Photos)

I feel like my teeth slant to one side, more noticeable in my two front teeth. I also have a history with jaw problems like TMJ. I'm wondering if this... READ MORE

Crossbite correction - really stuck what to do. What are my options? (Photo)

Hi, is it possible to fix my crossbite with crowns? About 3 of my teeth are affected in the crossbite and I am soon to get married (September 2017)... READ MORE

My upper jaw is slanting to one side, please, can somebody tell me what's happening to my teeth? (Photos)

Lately I have really noticed my upper jaw slanting to one side. My mouth/lips look crooked now,one side of my face feels flatter and less defined is... READ MORE

Well currently it has been a year and a half since my last visit to the dentist I have noticed my tooth getting a bit dark.

The problem stared off a year and a half ago when I hurt my tooth during a game The dentist had performance a root filling Then temporary filling came... READ MORE

My teeth have come out a little in the front but I don't want to use braces.

Can you please tell me any alternative for this problem READ MORE

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