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Why is one of my tooth's gum line receding? Will it fall out? (photos)

I'm only 15 and I am pregnant. My front bottom tooth's gum is receding! It seems to get worse every day and I'm afraid it will fall out. I can't have... READ MORE

I am five months pregnant. Can a Pregnant Woman Undergo Cosmetic Dentistry? (photos)

I am five months pregnant.....i hate my teeth ....and I dont want to get braces I want the fastest way to get the smile I want....can I get implants... READ MORE

Mouth Rinse with Peroxide During Pregnancy?

I had bad buildup on my teeth so my dentist got it all off and told me due to my bad gums from my pregnancy to use straight peroxide 8 times a day as... READ MORE

After a small filling why does my tooth still hurt?

I went to the dentist to fix a small filling in my front tooth. It still hurts to eat sweets as when i had my cavity. Im currently pregnant and have... READ MORE

Decayed and cracked teeth: what are options to fix them for someone with low income?

Okay so I'm 22. I just had a baby but my teeth rotted while pregnant. No amount of brushing helped. Not my back teeth are cracked almost to the gum... READ MORE

Gum Lift/Dental Work Pre-Pregnancy

Hi, I am a candidate for a gum lift and veneers. When I was pregnant before, my gums bled a lot and were swollen as is typical in pregnancy due to... READ MORE

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