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Periodontist Removed 2mm From Gums, Now There Are Black Triangles Between Teeth, Is This Permanent?

My periodontist removed some inflammed gums (interdental gingiva) between my teeth. She removed about 1-2 mm of gum in between each tooth. Now I have... READ MORE

Removable Expander Vs. Cemented One in a 9 Year Old Patient Which Do You Recommend?

Removable Expander Vs. Cemented One in a 9 Year Old Patient Which Do You Recommend? READ MORE

Cosmetic Dentistry for Improving Sagging and Hollow Cheeks from Braces?

Can cosmetic dentistry helps to improve sagging and hollow cheeks caused by braces? My sister used to have a round face, but after the extraction of... READ MORE

How do tooth grillz work? What is the procedure to get one?

I just wanted to know, how do you get one? for those who do not know these are semi permanent things you put on your teeth and they kinda look like... READ MORE

Dentist Removes Adult Tooth by Mistake? (photo)

When i was 12, my dentist removed the wrong tooth. I believe the Xray was flipped. When he went to drill it out thinking it was the baby tooth, i told... READ MORE

What is a permanent solution for fixing tooth gap apart from bonding, veneers and such?

I've been wearing my retainers for two years now but every time I take them out my gap starts to open up . The bolt reason that I'm concerned is... READ MORE

Cast Metal and Resin Bridge, Normal for a Permanent Fixed Bridge?

Can anyone give advice. I have just found out that my fixed dental bridge on 4 implants is a made of cast metal and resin. Is this usual for a... READ MORE

Can a chipped front tooth be glued as a long term fix? Will I have to be extra careful for the rest of my life? (Photo)

I've had a chipped tooth since I was 8 years old. I'm 20 now. Yesterday my dentist told me he is going to fix my chipped tooth next week but I will... READ MORE

Doing permanent Veneers at home. How can I do it correctly without causing any damage?

I'm 20 years old girl, who is very consious about her teeth. I can never be able to afford or save for veneers. My upper teeth are a nightmare to me,... READ MORE

Finally had my 4 permanent veneers placed on. How does it look? (Photo)

I had a 5mm gap that I had bonding put on in 1997 the gap started opening again and the bonding coloration changed. Got braces but ortho disnt remove... READ MORE

My temp veneers are causing jaw pain. Will the permanent veneers make it go away?

Hi. I have 4 temporary veneers on my front teeth and am scheduled to have the permanent ones on Tuesday. The temps haven't bothered me at all until... READ MORE

I've been wondering about cosmetic dentistry. So i guess my question is what are some affordable options out there? (photo)

There is a lot of crowding on the bottom which makes flossing difficult and the top teeth are not too bad but there is some misalignment and overbite.... READ MORE

Veneers started bothering after a week.

Got two veneers. Temporaries did not bother. Permanent veneers felt ok the first week. Cold and hot did not bother much. After a week those teeth... READ MORE

Can gaps between teeth be filled without any surgery ?

M a 21 years old girl. My four front teeth are not close to each other. Becoz of which i feel shy whenever i laugh in public. Can i get a permanent... READ MORE

After several fillings and infection, dentist suggested root canal. What is the most permanent solution?

Several times of fill up & got some infection, dentist prescribed me to do root canal.... I want a permanent solution that have no side effects .... READ MORE

Chipped teeth - Any permanent solution? (Photo)

Hi, I chipped my teeth some years ago. I got it fixed with NHS but eventually it was chipped again. I would like a permanent solution. I have been... READ MORE

Can hyaluronic acid gum (papilla) injection provide permanent gum attachment benefits?

I understand that hyaluronic acid is absorbed by the body over time, however can it provide a scaffold for minor bone regeneration at the papilla... READ MORE

Will brushing my teeth with baking soda ruin my permanent retainer? (photo)

I wanted to start brushing my teeth with baking soda to whites and get tip of plaque, but I read something that said it would ruin my permanent... READ MORE

Can a large gap be fixed permanently without redone? (photos)

I have a huge gap infront of my upper two front teeth and i have other gaps in the four upper and down teeth.and my front two upper teeth goes forward... READ MORE

My orthodontist changed my permanent retainer on my bottom teeth and now they're shifting! Why? (Photo)

Thursday I went for my 6month retainer check up and my bottom teeth had a permanent retainer and my orthodontist changed it and now Saturday one of... READ MORE

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