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Periodontal Disease, Is it Still Possible to Save a Tooth?

I've read many forums from dentists {periodontist} that suggest ALL teeth should be extracted if periodontal disease is in its advance stage. This... READ MORE

Black Triangle Gap in Lower Front Bottom Teeth - Cosmetic Solution? (photo)

I have periodontal disease and I have a black triangle gap in my lower front teeth. It looks worse after getting cleaned. Is there anything I can do... READ MORE

Teeth do not look or feel bad but have peridontal disease 2-10's. Should I keep my teeth??

Told I have periodontal disease 2-10's and should pull all uppers but I experience no problems at this time. Should I keep as long as possible or... READ MORE

I Have Spacing Issues, as Well as Periodontal Disease. Is Comestic Treatment Right for Me?

I'm 20 years old and have always had problems with my teeth. My folks never really made an issue about it just the regular dental visits and such.... READ MORE

How bad is my gum recession at this point? (Photo)

I'm 20. And I smoke quite a significant amount. I noticed gum recession about two months ago after I started bleeding while I was brushing. I'm quite... READ MORE

I have loose teeth and severe periodontal disease. Why have surgery if the tooth is already loose?

They want to do half of the mouth periodontal surgery and the other half scaling. Why surgery if the tooth is already loose. Can it be improved?... READ MORE

Bone loss with advanced periodontal disease

My question is in relation to bone loss. What are bone loss risks of keeping my teeth as long as possible with advanced periodontal disease? Will a... READ MORE

Are my bottom teeth too far out? Is it the cause of periodontitis? (Photo)

Hi I think I may have periodontists I have brushed more and my gums are less red and less bleeding but Im worried my teeth might fall out even tho... READ MORE

Dentures or Deep Gum Cleaning For Perionditis? I need to make a decision soon.

I have been diagnosed with perionditis by (2) dentists and told by both alot of bone loss, I have been told by (1) dentist to extract the botton front... READ MORE

I'm 27 and I still have my right baby canine. Will my adult tooth come in straight?

My baby tooth is so extremely loose and the x-rays show my adult tooth is actually growing in. The dental hygienist says she bets it's just barley... READ MORE

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