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Could a Palate Expander for Adults be used to Broaden Smile?

My teeth are fairly straight, but I don't have that amazingly wide smile that I would like. I am in my 30s. Can an adult use a palate expander to... READ MORE

Removable Expander Vs. Cemented One in a 9 Year Old Patient Which Do You Recommend?

Removable Expander Vs. Cemented One in a 9 Year Old Patient Which Do You Recommend? READ MORE

Is adult palatal expansion possible without surgery?

I'm 60. As a child/teen, I had "night braces", a palate expander and a retainer. My narrow jaw was reportedly because I swallowed using my cheeks,... READ MORE

What can be done to improve a small mouth, teeth curvature issues, and a wide face? (photo)

I have a small mouth and crooked teeth. My small mouth is exaggerated by a wide face. When viewed from below, my upper teeth seem to be concave on... READ MORE

Is It Possible For My Palate Expander To Split The Palatal Suture?

I am a 20yo male, class iii, that's being treated with a palate expander. I've had it on for about 2 months. I am just beginning to notice... READ MORE

Can I buy a palate expander on the internet or do I have to get one made especially for me?

I really want a wider jaw and I noticed my rows of teeth are too close, and i searched for palate expander and found a dentist site where you can buy... READ MORE

Is palate expansion happening? (Photo)

Many of the dentist comments here on the topic of palate expansion say that it is impossible as an adult, only the teeth will tip and that SARPE... READ MORE

My Daughter Got Elastic Bands in and Palate Expander but Her Teeth Seem to Have Been Pushed Back?

She used to have very wide smile and big teeth but her overbite was bad so we got elastic bands in and a palat expander but her smile has gone and... READ MORE

Narrow Palate and Smile. Can I expand it?

I have a narrow palate and I'm interested in expanding it. I'm 29 years old and Im looking for a way to widen my smile/facial appearance. My smile is... READ MORE

Can my teeth be corrected without jaw surgery? (photos)

I had braces and a palatal expander when I was she 13 until age 16. I did not turn the expander as directed by my dentist, nor did I wear my retainer.... READ MORE

Do I need to ask them to remove my palate expander today when I go in if it didn't work? (Photo)

I'm 22. Have had a R.P.E. for 2 weeks. Thr r 2 docs in this office. One doc said I needed it then a week after having it with 6 turns the other doc... READ MORE

What is the best way to expand your palate at age 19?

I have needed braces for a long time and I have finally started the process and I got a RPE. It has been a couple days and I still can not swallow... READ MORE

Can I get palatal expanders for my teeth? If not, what are my options? (Photo)

I am 23 years old and ever since I noticed my smile through a crappy picture, my self esteem dropped. Don't smile as much either. READ MORE

I have overjet & overbite and I need to have my 4 bicuspids extraction in order to have space. Is there an alternative? (Photo)

I have a small face and a narrow smile and I don't wanna get a smaller face and narrower smile or caved mouth. Is there any other solution? I'm 22... READ MORE

Can a palatine expander create facial asymmetry? (Photo)

Prior to having the expander, I had a symmetrical face. After the expander, the right side of my face became more prominent, the right side appeared... READ MORE

Is there any way I could get my underbite fixed without surgery? How much would it be for me? (Photo)

I want to know is there any way I could get my underbit fixed without surgery or how much would it be for me? I went to orthodontist he said I need... READ MORE

Can you give me further info on what my ortho will do with my teeth? I'm 17, I have crossbite and uneven midline (Photo)

Am i too old for palatal expander? If yes, dont have right money for surgery are there any other options? Are they going to pull my lower teeth... READ MORE

I have palate expanders under my upper teeth to widen my bite. Can I turn the key 2-3 times a week to hasten the process?

I'm 21 years old. I only turn the key once a week, and I was wondering if I could turn it 2-3 times a week to fasten the process? READ MORE

My 9 year old has a slight underbite. What appliances are used to correct the condition?

My 9 year old has a slight underbite (not genetic) other than a palatial expander, what appliances are used to correct the condition? READ MORE

Can widened arch be made longer and more forward? (Photo)

1st ortho aimed for a longer oval forward protruding arch. moved and 2nd ortho preferred palate expanded wider arch with teeth further back. teeth... READ MORE

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