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Looking to "fix" protruding canine teeth. Are veneers or Invisalign or something else? (photo)

My two canine teeth are really the only teeth I have any issue with and they make me very self conscious, it's looks like they're too big since... READ MORE

Cosmetic Contouring for Overcrowded Teeth? (photo)

Hello I am 23 years old.I have crowded and overlapping teeths as u can see from picture below.I want to correct my smile and do not wish to wear... READ MORE

Can I Get my Teeth Fixed, with Paying Little to Nothing?

I'm wondering , is there anyway I can get my teeth fixed without having to pay out of pocket ... I have adult medicaid ... but I do not work an can't... READ MORE

I have the both of my upper canine tooth are overlapping could I get them remove ?

Both of my upper canine tooth are overlapping i sign to the air force and i can't go in with braces. Is there anything i could tell my dentist READ MORE

Is it possible to have my overlapped top, two front teeth pulled out and replaced with straight veneers? (Photo)

My orthodontist told me when I was younger that I wouldn't benefit from getting braces and now im stuck with teeth that I hate. My upper jaw is "too... READ MORE

How Can I Fix Teeth That Have Shifted Years After Braces Removed? (Lost Contact to Original Ortho and Broke Retainers)

I have already had braces but my ortho was so blind he took my braces off and never noticed I had a crooked front tooth until I told him. As the time... READ MORE

My front two teeth are overlapping. Should I have molars extracted? (Photo)

Since my front two teeth are overlapping I've been advised to remove two molar teeth from both the sides, if I remove the two molar teeth my... READ MORE

How can I get my teeth straight without all the work? (Photo)

I want my teeth to be straight but metal braces take too long and so does invisaline. I was looking online and saw they make snap on smile. Will it... READ MORE

My bottom tooth is overlapping my upper tooth. Is there a way to fix it? (Photo)

I have an overbite but for some reason my tooth Is pushed back? Is there any way to fix this? READ MORE

My front left tooth overlaps the right one just a little, so what would be the best solution? (Photo)

What is the cheapest fix? I don't have that much money but I'm very self conscious about it. READ MORE

I'm 15, female. I think I have an overlapping tooth on top of my right front tooth. How can I hide it? (Photo)

Is there any way I can get rid of it at home or hide it better when I smile without any dental assistance ??? READ MORE

What do I do? (Photo)

My teeth from the front look normal but from under they look crowded and my canine teeth overlap a little READ MORE

I have 1 overlapped tooth. What will my dentist do? (Photo)

It isnt overlapped fully yet but it hurts like hell My teeth are yellowish/crookedish. Sorry my camera is not that good READ MORE

How long will it take for my adult canine to come fully down after it has been overlapping my baby canine? (Photo)

I'm 14 and recently my upper left canine has fallen out but my adult canine had already came down over lapping my baby canine.But as my tooth has... READ MORE

My front tooth is overlapping and left canine is also sticking out. Do I need extraction to straighten? (Photo)

I'm a 17 year-old boy and my left front tooth is overlapping my other front tooth and my left canine is sticking out. All of my other teeth are quite... READ MORE

My front left tooth has started to overlap my right - WHY? (Photo)

I'm 16, female. Very recently, I noticed that my left tooth has overlapped my right. I don't know why. It doesn't hurt and I didn't even know it was... READ MORE

My teeth overlap slightly at the front and the side teeth are tiny and go in. I don't want Invisalign. Can I do veneers? (photo)

I do not want braces. Please do not recommend as I already purchased invisalign and was too embarrassed to wear them. I need to know if I can have... READ MORE

Does my 13 yo w/ an overbite & upper & lower arch crowding really need to extract 4 bicuspid for orthodontic treatment? (photos)

Following Concerns from doctor: -chief concern of overbite -horizontal overlap of front teeth is moderately excessiv -upper and lower back teeth fit... READ MORE

Do I have an over bite if my teeth overlap? (Photo)

When I bite down my front teeth overlap and my back ones do a little too, I can put my front teeth behind my bottom teeth without force or pain. I'm... READ MORE

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