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Reducing the Size of my Two Front Teeth and Closing the Gap? (photo)

I would like to know if its possible to reduce the size of my two front teeth and close the gap and the cost. I am 35 years and I think I also do have... READ MORE

Lost Four Teeth to an Overbite: Will Teeth Grow Back at 18 Years Old?

Now i am getting treatment for overbite treatement name is bimaxillary protusion READ MORE

If I clench my jaw, my front teeth cover my bottom front teeth, but the others meet. Is this normal? (Photo)

And when I move my jaw so that my top and bottom front teeth meet, there's a gap between all the rest of my teeth which makes me hate smiling. I'm... READ MORE

Should I Fix My Overbite Before Getting Veneers and Implants?

I've seen 4 orthodontists, 1 agreed to treat me, the others said to see a cosmetic dentist. I want my overbite corrected BEFORE I have a partial... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Get the Gaps in my Mouth Closed? (photo)

Hello out there Iv'e Had gaps in my teeth since I was maybe 12 or 13yrs old When I was younger around 8 or 9 and below I had beatiful smile and... READ MORE

19 Year Old w/ Overbite. Is There Anyway It Can Be Corrected?

I have had braces before when I was younger, had the herbst appliance and also had headgear. I didn't cooperate very well because I was young and... READ MORE

Can I Get my Teeth Fixed, with Paying Little to Nothing?

I'm wondering , is there anyway I can get my teeth fixed without having to pay out of pocket ... I have adult medicaid ... but I do not work an can't... READ MORE

How to Fix Missing Upper Teeth when Smiling?

When I smile, my upper teeth don't show anymore, and I have developed a deep horizontal crease under my nose. I have a long nose and an overbite,... READ MORE

I Don't Know Whether I Have a Bimaxillary Protrusion, or if I Have an Overbite? (photo)

1. which is better? TREATMENT A (4 teeth extraction) or TREATMENT B (expand the dental arch to move the teeth backwards)? I am 22 years old. I also... READ MORE

Will my Tooth Fall Out? (photo)

I have a receding gum line and I have been EXTREMELY paranoid about my tooth. I feel as if my paranoia is causing my to think the bottom two are going... READ MORE

When is the Ideal Time to Use a Herbst or Forsus Appliance to Treat Overbite?

My 10 year old son has been to a couple of orthodontist for consultations. He has many issues including a class II overbite and a narrow top palate.... READ MORE

How to fix my protruding/horse looking teeth? (Photo)

I have straight teeth but however I do not like the overbite horse looking appearance that I have when I smile I am looking to fix this issue as soon... READ MORE

I Lost my Right Lateral Incisor when I Was 8, Didn't Grow Back Since? (photo)

I lost my right lateral incisor when i was 8, didn't grow back since, had x-ray, the teeth is somewhere at the roof of my mouth, deformed, now i'm 19... READ MORE

Should all teeth be touching when your jaw is relaxed? (Photo)

I have been try ing to self correct my over-bite/jet by consciously moving my jaw forward. So far it has worked and my jaws are aligned better, but... READ MORE

I have an overbite. Is that why my lips are big? If I get my overbite corrected will it change the size of my lips? (Photo)

Plus orthodontist said 1 year braces and a jaw surgey. Will survey reduce the volume size of the lips? READ MORE

Overbite, unstraight bottom teeth and crooked front tooth? (photos)

Hi! I have always hated my teeth and at 22, I would like to get braces. Would this be an easy fix? I also hate my 'bunny teeth', would braces make... READ MORE

I have an overbite and my back teeth don't align. Can I fix this without surgery? (photos)

I just want smile (proudly) like regular people, but when I smile, people can only see the overbite and my front top teeth. Also, when I make my... READ MORE

Cosmetic Surgery to Correct Open Bite?

I am a 30 year old woman with a severe open bite. Is it truly necessary to have the corrective surgery? I am not suffering from any secondary... READ MORE

Venlay Restoration?? Teeth? Overbite correction

I found this place called facelift dentistry and it has pictures that show patients with fixed overbites and underbites after 3 weeks of treatment...... READ MORE

What is the difference between an overbite, over jet and bimaxillary protrusion? (Photo)

I'm confused as to what I have. How much would it cost to have this fixed in Central California... and how much time does it take? READ MORE

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