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Numbness After 3 Weeks After Wisdom Teeth Extraction, What Should I do?

I had 2 wisdom teeth extracted (a tooth on each side of my lower jaw) 3weeks ago. On left side of my face, I feel numb on by lower lip and chin but... READ MORE

Why do I have pain when chewing after having a composite filling?

I had a composite filling done on my lower back tooth today and now that the numbness has worn off I have a sharp pain in my tooth when chewing. I can... READ MORE

Oral Paresthesia After Wisdom Teeth Removal? How Can I Get Sensation Back?

I had my 2 wisdom teeth on my right side removed about a week ago. I noticed right away that the numbness in my lower lip and teeth wasn't going away.... READ MORE

42 yr old female. Two weeks after the extraction of four wisdom teeth, still experiencing numbness on my chin and bottom lip?

12/02/13, four wisdom teeth were extracted.Upper teeth were fully erupted, on bottom, one tooth was erupted, but below the gum tissue, the last was... READ MORE

How Does the Upper Lip and Face Get Effected the Same Way with Numb and Tingly Feeling As from Lower Wisdom Extraction?

It sounds like I may be experiencing the same numb like feeling with tingling associated paresthesia from lower wisdom extraction. But it is in upper... READ MORE

Numbness in Tongue and underneath the tongue after 3 weeks of wisdom teeth removal, is this normal?

After 3 weeks of removing my left lower wisdom teeth I am still feeling numbness in my tongue and underneath my tongue. Doc made an opening while took... READ MORE

Severe Edema and Numbness 4 days after general fillings? (photo)

After fillings on the upper left 4 days ago, I have an excessive amount of swelling in my left cheek. Previous incident with unexplained unilateral... READ MORE

7 months post op of Wisdom Tooth Removal, half of my tongue remained numb. What are the chances of me getting feeling back?

Oral Paresthesia...I got two of my wisdom teeth removed in November. After the surgery, half of my tongue remained numb. The dentist told me that... READ MORE

Would you take an impression of upper the gum for false teeth to be made 5-10 minutes after the gum was injected to numb them?

The reason I ask is that the new teeth are not a good fit around the area that was numbed by the injection. So did the gum swell up and gave a false... READ MORE

11 days since I had 3 teeth extracted on the upper right side, numbness and clenching of my jaw won't stop! Help!

Its been 11 days since the extractions and the numbness will not go away! It has traveled all over my face and towards the back of my head. My muscles... READ MORE

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