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How Normal is It to Have Extra Teeth?

How normal is it to have extra teeth and why does it happen? READ MORE

My Teeth Feel a Little Strange After Being Filed Down, Almost "Cruddy." Is This Normal?

I recently had my two front teeth filed down, and they feel a little strange. Almost like when you drink Sunny Delight or an acidic fruit drink and... READ MORE

Is It Common for Part of a Dental Crown to Break off Within 5 Weeks After Crown Was Recemented?

Crown on my lower molar was loose. Dentist "popped" it off & recemented it. 5 wks later, a corner of crown fell off while I was eating.... READ MORE

Bruising After Seeing a Dentist?

I went in for 2 fillings on my bottom right side. When I got home, I had a purple bruise on the upper right side of my cheek. Is this normal? I am... READ MORE

Should all teeth be touching when your jaw is relaxed? (Photo)

I have been try ing to self correct my over-bite/jet by consciously moving my jaw forward. So far it has worked and my jaws are aligned better, but... READ MORE

Is It Normal for a Dental Hygienist to Only Polish my Teeth During a Cleaning?

My previous dental office always scaled my teeth, then polished READ MORE

My 11 Year Old Son is Missing a Lateral Incisor is Removing One Above an Option?

My 11 year old son is missing a lateral incisor in his bottom teeth and the orthodentist wants to have a matching tooth above removed. Is this regular... READ MORE

i felt pressure pushing my teeth with my retainers and there is a gush of pain. Is it normal? I didn't wear braces beforehand

I did not wear any braces before because my teeth are almost perfect ( i thought) but i just want to retain them,., wearing retainers causes pain on... READ MORE

How can I make my teeth look normal? (Photo)

Why my teeth like a vampire teeth.. i want to back my teeth normal.. what is the best way to make my teeth beautifull?? READ MORE

I'm in extreme pain close to a month after getting 20 temporaries. I'm waiting on the permanents. Is this normal? What can I do?

Front 20 teeth were prepped & covered with temporaries. The back 6 will be prepped at the next visit. This was done to maintain my bite. I'm taking... READ MORE

Is this normal with tooth extraction and bone graft? (Photo)

I had a tooth extracted and bone graft done 9 days ago. I am a bit worried because of the hole still there and the stiches are super loose now. I am... READ MORE

My teeth are shocking; what do I do? (Photo)

! I'm 30 years old and never looked after them (It wasn't taught in childhood and I guess it just never became habit for me. They are now turning... READ MORE

Light scratch on the back of teeth. Are these scratches normal?

I have never noticed until today that there are scratches on back of my teeth. It is visble when you look on certain direction with the light which... READ MORE

Upper lip doesnt cover teeth. (photo)

Hi doctors, I have had this problem since elementary school: My upper lip never covers my teeth unless I force it. It looks very funny. And I sleep... READ MORE

Temporary Anchorage Device (TADS): Is this a damaged nerve or just swelling? (Photos)

My orthodontist recently put tads into the sides (both left and right) of my gums to help with my jawline and to also help close the gaps where two... READ MORE

I had a root canal done on #2 two days ago. I am still in pain around #2 and the lower tooth is hurting too. Is this normal?

As indicated, it appears to be hurting everywhere. My past root canals did not hurt this way. READ MORE

Is grinding my lower teeth a solution or leaving it as it is? (Photo)

I think my lower teeth are bigger/longer than the lower teeth of a normal human-being. I have observed many people and seen that people usually have... READ MORE

Is my front tooth longer than the other? (Photo)

For the past weeks I noticed my front tooth seems to be longer then the other. is this a sign of Gum recession, Cavity, or is it normal? Can it be fixed? READ MORE

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