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What can be done to improve a small mouth, teeth curvature issues, and a wide face? (photo)

I have a small mouth and crooked teeth. My small mouth is exaggerated by a wide face. When viewed from below, my upper teeth seem to be concave on... READ MORE

How Is Speech Be Affected After A Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Do friends and family notice a difference in speech? What percentage of patients need some speech therapy after mouth reconstruction? READ MORE

What Would Be Considered a Lengthy Full Mouth Reconstruction Surgery?

What are the most invasive procedures for full mouth reconstructions? How often does recovery recommend speech therapy? If so, is this therapy a 4-6... READ MORE

I have serious gum recession throughout my mouth. At this point, what are my treatment options? (photos)

Non-smoker/tobacco user. Good oral habits (brush/floss 2x per day) Previously had orthodontics. Have not worn retainer for probably a decade. Teeth... READ MORE

What is the Average Hospital Stay for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

About how many days of rehabilitation are needed for full mouth reconstruction? READ MORE

What can I do about my crooked smile/mouth? (photo)

I've become very self conscious of the appearance of my mouth in the past year or so. The right side of my mouth droops farther down than the left and... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for my teeth? (photos)

What should i do? I had braces and i still doin the ack of my mouth. They are still buck! My mouth portrudes and i dont like it! READ MORE

How much is a full mouth reconstruction?

I'm looking for a local doctor to perform full mouth reconstruction. Bone structure is good but no teeth on lower jaw n four on top jaw. Would have to... READ MORE

What can I do to fix my asymmetrical mouth and slanted teeth? (Photo)

Please help, I get really insecure when I smile. There is an uneven amount of teeth on both sides when I smile and my lips are uneven. My teeth are... READ MORE

Why does my mouth look like this? (Photo)

I've never seen anything or anyone with the similar problem I'm having I just wanna know if there's anything I could do to fix it. READ MORE

Upper lip doesnt cover teeth. (photo)

Hi doctors, I have had this problem since elementary school: My upper lip never covers my teeth unless I force it. It looks very funny. And I sleep... READ MORE

How long would a punctured vein/blood vessel in the roof of my mouth need to fully heal? (Photo)

I had an expander, with TAD screws, in my mouth and during the process of putting it in, one screw managed to hit some sort of blood passage. It... READ MORE

I have cross bite and every time I open my mouth wide there is a click felt at my right TMJ. What to do? (photo)

My dentist said I had cross bite with a click on right TMJ on opening mouth wide. Also my upper jaw is little protruded. My left upper canine is my... READ MORE

Can you ever get back the bone you lost on your jaw after having missing teeth for a long period of time?

Surgically is it possible to get back a 1/3 to a 1/2 an inch of bone width and length on the bottom and on the top? Its getting to the point where my... READ MORE

How can I refine my side profile? Worry that Rhinoplasty will highlight & accentuate more my protruding mouth more (Photos)

I am getting a Rhinoplasty, however I have a slight concern that this might make the protrusion of my mouth (bimaxillary protrusion) stand out more.... READ MORE

How should I fix my awkwardly small lips-mouth-teeth? (Photo)

I have thin lips, on a small mouth, small teeth (straightened by orthodontics), and I feel like it's not attractive. What's the best way to go about... READ MORE

My upper jaw is slanting to one side, please, can somebody tell me what's happening to my teeth? (Photos)

Lately I have really noticed my upper jaw slanting to one side. My mouth/lips look crooked now,one side of my face feels flatter and less defined is... READ MORE

My overbite teeth are outside my mouth and large - I want fix my teeth. (photo)

I am 24 year old and I m very shy bcoz of my overbite prob .I HV no idea what I HV to do for solving this prob,my over bit teeth is out side can I fix... READ MORE

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