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Broken Teeth After Filling. What Are My Options?

One of my molar teeth had filling. When I was eating my teeth broke. One half is left behind. Only half of it is broken. What are the options to save... READ MORE

Are Flippers Available for Missing Molars?

Hello, About 10 years ago I had tooth #29 pulled and as a result, needed to have a bridge. Now, tooth #30 has become damaged and I need to have it... READ MORE

My teeth don't touch on the right side. How can it be fixed? (Photo)

Hello, I also have tmj or tmd only in the right side. My teeth on left side touch,I have had a filling on upper back molar on left side. I only chew... READ MORE

The Molars on the Right Side of my Mouth Don't Touch, and I Can't Chew on That Side. What's Wrong and What Can I Do?

The molars on the right side of my mouth don't touch, and I can't chew on that side. What's wrong and what can I do? READ MORE

Depressed Because of Missing Molars - What Can be Done?

I have first lower molar(LEFT) extracted 6 months ago, and now the first molar rightneeds to be extracted too. The first upper molar on both side has... READ MORE

molar problem

I got a composite filling on tooth # 16 (wisdom tooth), but my biting fell weird, so i went to get it adjusted.  the dentis grinded a little from... READ MORE

Can a silver crown be covered with tooth colored sealant?

Can a tooth colored sealant or veneer be placed over a silver crown on the bottom molar of a pediatric patient? 7 year old little girl that is very... READ MORE

10 days post op of Molar extraction, my cheeks still feels painful. Is this normal? (photo)

I got my molar extracted exactly 10 days ago. My cheak still has pain radiating through it, my jaw is still throbbing, non stop pain! I have used the... READ MORE

Can Upper Lip and Eyes Have Tingling Sensation After Extraction of Lower 2nd Molar of Same Side?

Can upper lip n eyes have tingling sensation after extraction of lower 2nd molar of same side. associated symptoms pain in back of neck. if it is not... READ MORE

Dental Cosmetic Replacement for Both Second Pre-molars What Would Be the Best Option? (photo)

Hi, I am 23 and am missing both of my second pre-molars. I was the victim of child neglect and wasn't able to get proper dental care. I found a... READ MORE

I had a tiny spot of micro leakage on a composite filling on a molar that I wanted repaired without removing the whole filling.

I clearly emphasized to the dentist do only that little spot. He did two molars, the one turned out good but the other tooth looks like another layer... READ MORE

Looking to Correct Occlusal Problems with Molars?

Over the years, with fillings and some crown molars no longer touch without my front teeth pounding each other. I have read and seen on tv... READ MORE

What Are The Dangers Of Replacing a Missing Molar? X-Ray Attached.

Thank you for your answers. I'm attaching an X-ray, hoping that this will help you understand better my situation. Do you believe that the bone... READ MORE

Cavities, broken teeth? What should I do with no insurance? (Photo)

What kind of dental treatment should be used? The broken tooth is very small but broken all the way down to where to gum should be its the second to... READ MORE

I've had pain for a year since root canal to my molar with cap. It's now excruciating pain! What's wrong? (Photo)

I had a root canal in a molar a year ago.had a cap put on over it. The tooth has always been sensitive to the touch Endo saw nothing wrong on X-rays.... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Have Angle Implant Surgery After Tooth Extraction?

I am due to have mandible molars removed and wondered how soon after tooth extraction can I have the surgery without complications? READ MORE

Can I have a root canal if my tooth just broke?

One of my molar teeth needs a canal treatment that my dentist recommended due to it's advanced cavity, it's scheduled 6 day from now, however right... READ MORE

Top (3rd molar) Broke?

The upper left molar just started hurting, yesterday, and today it pretty much broke in half. The tooth itself doesn't hurt, it just hurts my cheek... READ MORE

Why are my top teeth different lengths?

The front teeth are nice and even, but when I get to my molars they are a different length. On my left side once I get to my last tooth it gets... READ MORE

Teeth are too short, including back molars. What can be done to lengthen my teeth?

I look toothless most of the time, and when I talk you can only see my bottom teeth. My teeth don't naturally rest together, they are just too short,... READ MORE

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