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Are Flippers Available for Missing Molars?

Hello, About 10 years ago I had tooth #29 pulled and as a result, needed to have a bridge. Now, tooth #30 has become damaged and I need to have it... READ MORE

Why is It Important to Replace a Missing Tooth?

What happens if a tooth pulled is never replaced? What cosmetic dentistry procedures are recommended? READ MORE

4 Upper Front Teeth Missing to Have a Fixed Bridge?

Hi to all dentist My case is I have 4 upper front teeth missing, and I'm planning to have a fixed bridge done considering my budget. My canines have... READ MORE

Off center teeth, what can I do? (Photo)

My top row of teeth are off center and I seem to have a tooth missing next to my middle two? They look un even and one is further back due to me... READ MORE

How Will my Face Look After Treatment After Pulling 6 Teeth?

I went to my orthodontist yesterday to see the xray and the molding of my teeth. She told me that in order for my teeth to be aligned, I need to have... READ MORE

Can my Midline Be Corrected Due to Missing Lateral? (photo)

I knocked out my left lateral when I was younger. I had braces and my ortho shifted my teeth forward and then shaped my canine to look like the... READ MORE

I Lost my Right Lateral Incisor when I Was 8, Didn't Grow Back Since? (photo)

I lost my right lateral incisor when i was 8, didn't grow back since, had x-ray, the teeth is somewhere at the roof of my mouth, deformed, now i'm 19... READ MORE

How to fix my off-centered teeth? (photos)

To start off, I am missing a tooth on the left side of my upper row. It's stuck inside my gum and was told that it will never grow out. The... READ MORE

Teeth Are a Disaster. What Are My Options? (photo)

I had one of my front permanent teeth knocked out when I was in elementary school. The dentists just shoved it back in and tied it to the next and... READ MORE

My 11 Year Old Son is Missing a Lateral Incisor is Removing One Above an Option?

My 11 year old son is missing a lateral incisor in his bottom teeth and the orthodentist wants to have a matching tooth above removed. Is this regular... READ MORE

what is my best options for missing teeth which would be cost effective?

I had a bridge over my four top front teeth. through the years the bridge put pressure on the two teeth on either side of the bridge and I ended up... READ MORE

What is Another Alternative to Dentures or Implants? (photo)

I have a condition where I cannot sweat. A side effect of this is having very few teeth. I have been using dentures on and off, but I find them very... READ MORE

My Canines Are Right Next to my Central Laterals and I Am Missing Both my Lateral Incisors So What Should I Do? (photo)

I am in the process of deciding, I am only 15 and I really don't want implants. I just want to know all options possible. My ortho told me a couple... READ MORE

Would Bridges Fix My Missing Teeth Issues?

On upper teeth (LEFT) i lost my central and lateral incisor, and first molar and second molar. (RIGHT) i lost first molar. what should i do with this?... READ MORE

I'm missing permanent teeth and I'm bothered about my appearance. What can I do about it?

I'm 17 years old and I have four congenitally missing teeth, two lower incisors and also both second premolars. The space where the premolars are,... READ MORE

Is a 4 unit bridge from 9-12 with 12 being a cantilever a good option?

Patient is missing #12. 9-11 are natural teeth. 13-15 is an existing bridge. Patient does not want implant on 12. Not happy with appearance on 9 and... READ MORE

Best Solution for 6 Missing Teeth I've Been Having Dental Issues for a While?

Best Solution for 6 Missing Teeth I been having dental issues for a while. I'm 36 years old, I lost six teeth when i was twelve years old, four of... READ MORE

Are Braces and Dental Implants the Best Option?

I recently went to see an orthodontist for a consult regarding my underbite. The orthodontist said that it's not a jaw issue but an issue of missing... READ MORE

Can Gum Reduction Be Performed for Protruding Gums with No Teeth Inside?

I extracted my 6 upper front teeth because they are very protruded and braces didn't treat the protrusion. But it's been 4 yrs and my gums are... READ MORE

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