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I Have a Fixed Bridge Done 19 Yrs Ago and Right Now I Have a Infection on the Back Post, What Can I Do? (photo)

I am on medicaid and i have a fixed partial bridge that is now facing infection on the back post the shrinkage of the gums are now hurting and i... READ MORE

My Gums Are Bleeding So Bad and my Teeth Are Very Loose Will Medicaid Pay to Have Them Pulled?

I live in the state of georgia...i need some help for this hurting mouth. READ MORE

I have medicaid and want to know if it will cover cosmetic dentistry? Do I need a crown? (Photo)

I want it filled make it look new not rotten. I guess it called a crown READ MORE

Will Medicaid Cover Work to Fix Chipped Tooth?

I have a small gap with a chip on the inside of both front teeth and i want it fixed. will medicaid cover that? READ MORE

Does Medicaid Pay to Fix Dentures?

My mom is 52 years old,her dog got a hold of her dentures and a few of the teeth are chewed off.Will her medicaid pay to fix her dentures? READ MORE

Does Medicaid Pay for Teeth Removal with Anastasia?

I need to know of a dentist office that takes Medicaid for the removal of 21 teeth with anastesia that will put one under while performing this procedure READ MORE

Does Michigan medicaid cover dentures? I had a partial put in two years back, but that was foolish trying to save my teeth.

Now i wonder if they will not cover dentures, becuz they did cover partials. But my dentist really should have pulled them all and got me dentures in... READ MORE

I'm a single parent over 21 with medicaid. How can I get my teeth fixed?

If your over 21 where Obama signed that bill to help ppl do you think ppl with medicaid with their teeth over 21  READ MORE

What doctor in Harrison, AR will accept adult medicaid for dentures?

I need dentures and I need help finding a Dr who will except my adult medicaid in harrison AR for dentures READ MORE

How long does it take Medicaid to approve extractions?

My dentist is waiting for approval to pull 6 of my teeth out and I was wondering how long it takes Medicaid to approve it?. Is there a reason why it... READ MORE

How often does medicaid pay for dentures in North Carolina

My dentures wore gotten in 2012 and haven't fit since I got them. I need to know how often I can get them replaced with medicaid in North Carolina READ MORE

Need help getting dentures: teeth pulled.

Had to have teeth pulled because my diabetes was eating my roots out and they was rotting away but now I am having a hard time getting Dentures. I... READ MORE

Decayed and cracked teeth: what are options to fix them for someone with low income?

Okay so I'm 22. I just had a baby but my teeth rotted while pregnant. No amount of brushing helped. Not my back teeth are cracked almost to the gum... READ MORE

I'm trying to find out if there is any help to fix my teeth?

I'm 38 and on Medicaid. I need several things done and one is my front tooth fell out. Will u please help me or tell me if Medicaid will pay for any... READ MORE

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