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My upper teeth are not visible when I talk. What can I do about it? (Photo)

When I talk or smile my teeth are not visible.please suggest me some treatment. READ MORE

My teeth don't touch on the right side. How can it be fixed? (Photo)

Hello, I also have tmj or tmd only in the right side. My teeth on left side touch,I have had a filling on upper back molar on left side. I only chew... READ MORE

Lost Four Teeth to an Overbite: Will Teeth Grow Back at 18 Years Old?

Now i am getting treatment for overbite treatement name is bimaxillary protusion READ MORE

What's the best option to fix one crooked tooth?

Hi doctors, thanks for viewing my question. I am a 25yr old male and have always been self conscious of my smile. I maintain pretty good oral health.... READ MORE

What can be done to prevent my upper lip from being pushed forward as seen in the following photos? (Photo)

I use to have severe overbite until I had braces.My braces have been removed since November of 2011.I continue to wear my retainer; however, in the... READ MORE

What would you recommend for my ugly front teeth? (photos)

36 yr old, male. i have two front teeth that are badly shaped and big. Orthodontist suggests using slenderizing, then invisilign to "close the gaps... READ MORE

I can't show my teeth when smiling, Why? Is this a disorder? What i can do to get a better smile? (photo)

Hello Doctors. I can't show my teeth while smiling? Why? What Its called as a disorder? What i can do to get a better smile? As you see in the picture... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for upper teeth? My incisors are slightly tilted, partly chipped, and one tooth is overlapped (Photo)

Hi doctors. I am a 25 year old man who has had problematic teeth cosmetically. As the pics display, incisors are slightly tilted towards my right... READ MORE

My front teeth are larger than my other teeth, and they are uneven. What is the best treatment? I don't want braces. (Photo)

I don't want to put the wire on my teeth because I don't think putting a wire will solve my problem with the size of my two front teeth I just want... READ MORE

Procedure for Fixing Unflattering Smile?

As you can see, my smile isn't flattering, and I was wondering, what kind of procedure would I need to have it corrected? Would it be complicated or... READ MORE

Is Invisalign a good option for overcrowding & teeth "leaning back"? (Photo)

I'm a 43-year old male. I had traditional braces as a teenager (roughly 13-15YO). Over time, my bottom teeth have drifted badly, due to overcrowding.... READ MORE

Am I having Bimaxillary skeletal protrusion? (photos)

Hello, I want to know what type of protrusion I am having and what are the recommendations for correcting that. I have also added pictures from... READ MORE

Does this look like a skeletal or dental underbite? (photo)

And is it severe and noticeable,is my jaw protruding READ MORE

I'm 29, male. I have a wide gap between my front two teeth. How can I finish it? (Photo)

Hi,I'm 29 male,I got quite wide gap between my front two teeth,which reducing level of my confident all the time specially when I laugh,kindly can... READ MORE

What would be the best way to fix a worn and chipped upper front tooth if I have an underbite? (Photo)

I'm 43 years old and I have a worn down and chipped top tooth that has been caused gradually by an underbite from my bottom teeth. What would be the... READ MORE

Lower Anterior Teeth Are Loose After Trauma and Are Sensitive to Hot and Cold, Options?

65 years old with no medical history but I had an accident a few months ago and my lower centrals became loose and they started to be sensitive to... READ MORE

Black Gums - Can i regain some pinkness in my gums? (photo)

I have dark gums, due partly to smoking and also because my three front upper teeth have crowns and I think there is no blood circulation in that area... READ MORE

My teeth don't show when I speak and only a little when I smile. Options? (Photo)

Currently when I speak, my teeth don't show (think, Robin Williams). This makes it hard to pronounce words and I'll slur occasionally (very... READ MORE

Bad teeth help? - Front buck teeth are both crooked and twisted (photos)

My years of pirating have forced me too neglect my teeth, It's about time I docked in to my local Orthodontist.My two front buck teeth are both... READ MORE

Dentist Recommendations in Texas Who Would Do Free or Cheap Work if We Have Insurance?

My husband needs quite a bit of work done on his teeth. We have insurance through work & we have a dental discount plan but we wouldn't be... READ MORE

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