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Can Your Front Tooth Just Fall out of Your Mouth? (photo)

What is holding it other then gums? I really feel like my top right front tooth is going to fall out. My gums have receded quite a lot in the last... READ MORE

How do you know when or if your teeth are going to fall out? (photo)

My front bottom row have had pains the past couple of days and gets worse at night. They feel a little loose and look like they MAY be moving but... READ MORE

I have 3 to 4 loose teeth any suggestions?

Just had periodontal cleaning all quadrants i do know i have bone loss in lower jaw the loose teeth are in the front READ MORE

I have gum disease I am afraid one of my teeth are going to fall out?

Wene I brush it bleeds and it feels lose I don't know what to do I'm only 15 this should. Not be happening READ MORE

Is there any way to make loose teeth tighter?

My teeth are loose due to bone loss. My dentist said I will lose my teeth .Can PRP or bone grafting help? READ MORE

Can I Have Some Advice on What to Do and What Payment Options I Have? (photo)

40yrs male, smoke lightly on and off for the past 12yrs due to stress. Had infected gum since 2004 but no action taken. Teeth #25 fail in '08, #29 in... READ MORE

Will I lose my teeth? (Photo)

Hello i was just wondering if i am in danger of loosing my teeth at this stage it does not or ever did seem to help to brush my teeth but i still do.... READ MORE

My 9 Year Old Daughter Fell Front Top Tooth Loose Wired No Fractures Failed Cold Test? Does She Need Root Canal?

Monitored 3 times. No damage seen on x ray. Failed cold test recommended root canal. She has no pain or discolouration. Can this heal on own as no... READ MORE

My Gums Are Bleeding So Bad and my Teeth Are Very Loose Will Medicaid Pay to Have Them Pulled?

I live in the state of georgia...i need some help for this hurting mouth. READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have a Tooth Loosen Slightly After Periodontal Bone Grafting 4 Weeks Ago?

I had deep cleaning and bone grafting 3 weeks ago. One upper rear molar has loosened, not significantly, just very slightly. Will this tighten up once... READ MORE

My 11 year old daughter is experiencing loose bottom teeth?

Her adult canines were trapped under her adult premolars so her orthodontist recommended having the premolars removed. She had them removed back in... READ MORE

I have loose teeth and severe periodontal disease. Why have surgery if the tooth is already loose?

They want to do half of the mouth periodontal surgery and the other half scaling. Why surgery if the tooth is already loose. Can it be improved?... READ MORE

A lot of my top front teeth are loose. Is there anything I can do to save them?

I am only 17 but I'm scared of loosing my teeth. My gums are bleeding and are very painful but the scary thing is that my teeth are very loose I can... READ MORE

I have really bad teeth and gums. I have two loose teeth and I'm afraid to talk or smile. How can I fix this? (Photo)

Back to my country at 19 my gum start bleeding I went to a clinic when they finally call me the Doctor was angry it was time for him to leave he force... READ MORE

How long will my tooth need to heal after dental trauma from falling?

I fell a month and a half ago and since my front tooth has been lose I've had X-rays done two weeks after injury and nothing seemed to be wrong... READ MORE

Can root canal save these two teeth? (Photo)

My dad has couple of loose tooth and feel sore sometimes, family doctor says because tooth is loose, it needs to be extracted that RC won't help. Had... READ MORE

What should I do to safely remove the tooth without damaging my gums? (photo)

I'm 13 and my left canine tooth is loose but it seems to be stuck to my gums and when I pull and push on it my gums start to bleed. I really want to... READ MORE

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