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What Procedure Will Even Out the Size of my Teeth?

I hate that some of my teeth are shorter than others how do I get that fixed? READ MORE

Would gum contouring or crown lengthening to one tooth make my gum line and front teeth look more even? (Photo)

I thought braces were going to fix my problem of one tooth being longer than the other, but they didn't. One of my front teeth seems longer than the... READ MORE

Cosmetic Work with Bonded Lingual Retainer? (photo)

I have a bonded retainer on my upper and lower incisors. If I want to lengthen my lateral incisors with veneers or bonding does that retainer need to... READ MORE

Tooth Lengthening?

After invisalign for correction of an open bite and crowding, I have a much improved smile overall, however, I feel that my teeth are a little bit... READ MORE

Bonding or Veneers on Short Incisors?

When I chipped a top front tooth as a child, both were filed down. Too short, slanted and 40 years hate my smile. My dentist is reluctant on bonding,... READ MORE

Tips for lengthening short teeth/fixing a gummy smile?

I believe my top row teeth are too short, and I’d like them to be longer and overall have a more attractive smile. I’d also like to improve my poi... READ MORE

Veneers over composite resin?

I have recently finished Invisalign and have great straight teeth. however the shape of my teeth are not desirable. I have composite on my two front... READ MORE

I am struggling to decide what to do to improve my teeth appearance and longevity... (photos)

My canine teeth are milk teeth. I have no adult canine teeth. My 1st and 2nd incisors are very different sizes. X-rays show my baby canines have... READ MORE

I want all my teeth the same length - Possible? (Photo)

The two shorter teeth on either side of my two front teeth and my cainines I want a little longer how is this done and how much will it roughly cost?... READ MORE

Teeth are too short, including back molars. What can be done to lengthen my teeth?

I look toothless most of the time, and when I talk you can only see my bottom teeth. My teeth don't naturally rest together, they are just too short,... READ MORE

I have dentures. The two front teeth are shorter than the back teeth. Can the front be lengthened?

Same as above. Nice white dentures but my smile looks like I'm toothless. READ MORE

Why do my upper teeth not show when I smile and what can I do about it?

Hello, whenever I smile my upper teeth don't show , I look like that I don't have teeth when I smile ,even If I try to force them to show they don't... READ MORE

What are my options to lengthen my teeth? (Photo)

Can I have length and width on my teeth? I have good strong teeth but grind my teeth and gave a square jaw line :(( please help as I hate my smile... READ MORE

One front tooth is shorter than all the others! How to lengthen? Tooth eruption?

How is tooth eruption performed by an orthodontist? One of my front teeth is shorter than all the others. I don't want to do a veneer, the tooth is in... READ MORE

Short teeth. What should I do?

Im wondering if there is a possible way i can make my teeth longer natrally without having surgary, seeing a dentist or a doctor, i grind my teeth in... READ MORE

Is there any way I can get all my teeth to the same length and maybe close a few of the gaps in my teeth?

My teeth all vary in length and even though my teeth are healthy and I've not even had a filling they still don't look good. They vary in length and... READ MORE

I had my front teeth filed or "shaved" and I regret it. Can my front teeth be lengthened again? (Photo)

I had my front teeth filed or "shaved" and I regret it can my front teeth be lengthened again? READ MORE

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