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My teeth on one side of my jaw (right) is lower. Is my only option to shave it down to be straight with my left teeth?

My jaw on the left side is more pronounced outward and lower than my right side. The teeth are lower/longer and my orthodontist recommend shaving them... READ MORE

Severe Protruded Front Teeth

First thank you for taking the time to view this question. I have severe protruded front teeth and crowdedness. Is it likely that I may need lower jaw... READ MORE

How Will my Face Look After Treatment After Pulling 6 Teeth?

I went to my orthodontist yesterday to see the xray and the molding of my teeth. She told me that in order for my teeth to be aligned, I need to have... READ MORE

My Jaw is shifting to the right. Is there anything I can do to fix this? (photos)

I jaw is shifting to the right. I have a cross bite and it is becoming even worse now. And now my jaw is shifting to the right. I live in a very poor... READ MORE

Can my teeth be re-aligned so that I would have a normal bite when I move my lower jaw forward? It makes my side profile better.

When I was 13, I extracted 2 upper teeth for braces which I wore for 2 years. I'm 22 now and have a highly receding chin which ruins my side profile.... READ MORE

I had filling in top and bottom teeth. I'm having a lot pain in my jaw and can't open my mouth wide. Is this normal?

I'm having apt of pain in my jaw and can't open my mouth wide at all sometimes it's feels like I'm being shocked and my pain gets worse in the mid... READ MORE

What options and price-range would be available for correcting my lower jaw? (photos)

I have lower jaw crowding which has worsened over the years and is beginning to be painful. I'd like to know what options are available to correct my... READ MORE

Does this look like a skeletal or dental underbite? (photo)

And is it severe and noticeable,is my jaw protruding READ MORE

What options do I have for a better looking smile? (Photo)

I have three major insecurities with my smile. 1. My gums always show and its unsymmetric. 2. I hate my huge teeth. I would go as far as getting them... READ MORE

Can my teeth be corrected without jaw surgery? (photos)

I had braces and a palatal expander when I was she 13 until age 16. I did not turn the expander as directed by my dentist, nor did I wear my retainer.... READ MORE

What do you suggest that I should get done to my teeth? I'm 24 yrs old and I have an extensive overbite and a sever gap. (photo)

As you can see in my photos I posted I have a lower jaw like a 11 year olds mouth, but my upper jaw is from a horses family. my teeth are fairly... READ MORE

Invisalign, Lingual, or Traditional Braces? I want to make my top teeth look more even in length. (Photo)

I've had braces when I was 10-14. I'm currently almost 20. I think my teeth are pretty straight, but I still have a slight overbite and my teeth... READ MORE

I have a massive overbite and my jaw locks and pops, causing headaches. How can it be fixed? (Photo)

I have a massive over bite and my jaw locks and pops sometimes and it causes massive headaches and my teeth are tight together near my molars that u... READ MORE

I have a crossbite causing asymmetrical face. What treatment would you recommend?

Hey! I just had invisalign only in my upper jaw, now the teeth are straight. But it didnt help my crossbite. I didnt even know what a crossbite was... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage for Underbite Surgery?

I have a class III underbite and need underbite surgery along with braces,but i dont have insurance. In trying to get insurance the few policies i... READ MORE

My teeth do not line up correctly and my jaw & chin are crooked. Can this be fixed? (photos)

I always have head aches my left jaw has pain my teeth don't line up correctly my jaw and chin are crooked is there a procedure I can get done to fix... READ MORE

Is there a way to fix my uneven(crooked) smile/mouth/teeth/jaw? Had braces before and I addressed the matter to my . . . (photo)

Orthodontist and tried to explain my problem but he didn't understand what I was talking about and said that he couldn't do anything about it. I was... READ MORE

Is my extraction site healing properly? (photo)

Hi. I had my #31 extracted at 6pm on Thursday- It did not require any incisions or sutures, but it was a rough extraction (my root was at a 90*... READ MORE

What advice to fixing the front teeth? Midline & slant. Is it just my jaw? Do I need to do another refinement? (photo)

I am on my final refinement tray of Invisalign. I had 26 upper trays, 13 lower, and 11 refinement trays upper & lower. My main issue was a midline... READ MORE

Surgically-Assisted Maxillary Expansion

I had an orthodontist consult today and the dr. said that surgery assisted maxillary expansion was nessasary for my treatment..the findings are I have... READ MORE

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