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Does this x-ray show an abscess / infection in the gums under #28? X-ray taken three months after root canal. (photos)

Random pain has been continuing for three months after my root canal. My endodontist claimed that all was well at first, but during my second visit,... READ MORE

Can I Have Some Advice on What to Do and What Payment Options I Have? (photo)

40yrs male, smoke lightly on and off for the past 12yrs due to stress. Had infected gum since 2004 but no action taken. Teeth #25 fail in '08, #29 in... READ MORE

I Have a Fixed Bridge Done 19 Yrs Ago and Right Now I Have a Infection on the Back Post, What Can I Do? (photo)

I am on medicaid and i have a fixed partial bridge that is now facing infection on the back post the shrinkage of the gums are now hurting and i... READ MORE

Do I have to get a broken tooth pulled if it has broken off below the gumline due to a failed root canal?

The dentist that did the root canal told me that it was in no danger of getting infected and needed no treatment since it was a root canal and the... READ MORE

I have an infection after abscessed tooth extracted and bone graph. Was it done too soon?

I had two back molers pulled and bone graph done (so much more history tha allowed to type in this question) I am now having same pain I did before... READ MORE

Tooth extraction w/ dry socket. Dry socket was treated with packing x2. I have hole and yellow tissue w/pain. Infection? (photo)

Tooth extraction w/ dry socket. Dry socket treated with packing x2. We are post 14 days. Hole and yellow tissue w/pain. infection? still has pain,... READ MORE

When will the holes heal completely?

My son had his wisdom teeth excised on 12/23, followed up twice secondary to infection; now still has open holes bilaterally that appear to have... READ MORE

Will a palate injection and possible infection drainage make gum recede and leave hole behind tooth of root canal? Will it heal?

Root canal on #12, dentist gave me an injection in my palate, afterwards I could feel something, like an abrasion or possibly a little temp cement (at... READ MORE

Would you add more bone graph? Is ridge augmentation needed? (Photo)

How can the empty space be filled with? thAnk you! :) Tooth # 7 Had a huge infection • theres an empty hallow space or no tissue around upper.. e... READ MORE

After several fillings and infection, dentist suggested root canal. What is the most permanent solution?

Several times of fill up & got some infection, dentist prescribed me to do root canal.... I want a permanent solution that have no side effects .... READ MORE

Will there be any major problem having grafting done now, after the teeth extractions were just completed?

I'm sorry, but I was very worried about any lingering infection causing me trouble, so I just had the two extractions a few days ago. They are healing... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a bridge resembling my natural teeth prior to damage?

I need a bridge to replace a central and lateral incisor. I had an infection which I believed caused my central incisor to shift. Both front teeth... READ MORE

Metal left behind during root canal sticking into apex/gum - Could this be the cause of my Lymphadenopathy?

I had a root canal that was followed by pain and an infection that would come and go for a few years after the root canal procedure. After years of... READ MORE

Scale and Polish Does It Cause Infection in the Teeth or Gum?

I Have Only Had This Problem After Having This Done. READ MORE

Why is my throat still swollen after antibiotics and infection? (photo)

I used to have severe tooth decay and I had to get all my teeth removed. The lymph nodes in my neck where swollen. I have taken antibiotics and the... READ MORE

Where can i find an Orthodontist that'll finish my braces treatment? I have no insurance.Removal date was February 2014 (Photo)

I have metal on the bottom, clear on the top. A bracket on the bottom no longer adhereds to the tooth the metal wire continuously rips at the inside... READ MORE

I had an infected root canaled tooth extracted. Should I still be in pain and extremely sensitive 6 weeks later?

The tooth originally had an old crown removed, was root canaled, had the new crown fall off multiple times, and ended up having crown lengthening. The... READ MORE

Extraction partial removable plate? (Photos)

Back left upper molar. Dr wants to extract but I have a front upper three unit bridge. He proposes to extract the tooth let it heal . then do... READ MORE

Lower implant for denture is infected. Can I leave the denture in overnight?

One of the implants for my lower denture is infected. I'am taking amoxicillin as this has happened before and my dentist has said when it clears up... READ MORE

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